Joshua Pompey’s VIP Assistant Program

As seen on Good Morning America, AskMen.Com, The Huffington Post, Jdate.Com, YahooShine, The Daily Herald, and 100′s more of the biggest media outlets in the world.  With this exclusive service, Joshua Pompey, the world’s greatest online dating expert, will completely take over your online dating life.

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Imagine a world where you could meet and date beautiful women online any time you wanted without doing a single thing…

A world in which you could just sit back, relax, and wait for phone numbers from the highest quality women you’ve ever dated to roll in, while you live the amazing life you were meant to live.  A world in which the only work you will ever have to do again for your dating life is take care of dating the beautiful women I line up for you.

Does that sound like a good deal to you?  If you are a male and have a breathing pulse, I’m pretty sure it does.  And if you think this sounds a little too good to be true, its not.

My name is Joshua Pompey, and this is exactly what you will receive when you hire me as your personal VIP Assistant.  As the most reputable and number one online dating expert in the world, to use the words of ABC news, I “regularly have women contacting me by the hundreds,” and this is exactly what I will help you to achieve as your personal VIP assistant.  Whether you are a professional with a busy lifestyle, a struggling online dater, want to meet women of higher quality, or are looking for love, hire me and I will completely take over your online dating life, providing you with the type of lifestyle beyond anything you ever dreamed possible.

How does the process work?

Phase 1 will involve an extensive phone consultation that will help me get to know your desires, personality, and behaviors to the fullest extent, so that I could accurately reflect your true personality to the women I contact.  After the initial phone consultation, I will move on to phase 2 by hand crafting your profile, perfecting your photo gallery, and ensuring that every detail of your online dating image adds up to tell the perfect story.

Once we begin, the messaging process will start and it is completely up to you how hands on you want to be with the service. You can sign on and follow my progress, provide suggestions, and contact me any time with input.   Or you could fully live your life and leave the process entirely in my hands with minimal interaction.  As a VIP client, you make the rules.

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But won’t women realize its not me when they meet me in person?

Absolutely not.  I am a master of receiving dates with amazing women for clients all while staying true to who you are at your core.  The strategy is to highlight your best self using methods that are highly effective, without turning you into someone  you are not.  No work will begin until I have a firm grasp on your unique personality.

Why choose this service over a matchmaker?

Any reputable matchmaker will charge between 20,000 and 50,000 dollars per month for just 3 dates.  In addition, one of the untold secrets of matchmaking is that many of these matchmakers recruit women straight from online dating sites for free to date their paying clients because there are not enough women willing to pay.  Without financial incentive, there is little reason for these women to take matchmaking services seriously.

No matter how much money you make, nobody should be paying that much for 3 dates. Most of my clients receive 3 or more dates per  week with women who are just as beautiful and higher quality, for a fraction of the price.  Finally, you will not be ignored once signing up.  You will have hands on coaching and work closely with me every step of the way as often as you feel necessary.

Are you ready to learn more?

Due to the time-consuming nature of this process, only a limited number of clients are taken on at a time.  For a free phone consultation to see if we can take you on as a client, call us at 718-541-0358, or send an email to

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