Write the Perfect First Email in 60 Seconds or Less

How to Write the Perfect Online Dating Pick Up Lines in 60 Seconds or Less

By Joshua Pompey

Online Dating Pick Up Lines

Alright guys.  Here’s the deal.  I can teach you online dating pick up lines that will be insanely effective.  They will save you time, get you ridiculous response rates, and attract extremely beautiful women.

The reason these pick up lines are so effective is because they tap into multiple qualities women are naturally attracted to.  Whether its showing alpha male characteristics, demonstrating confidence, or using any combination of the qualities women are instinctively drawn to, the perfect online dating pick up line will spark instant interest and attraction.

But here is what you must understand before you run off and start pasting pick up lines to every beautiful woman you see online:  An online dating pick up line will not work on its own.

This is because women don’t respond to spammed emails.  Women want to feel special, not as if they are just another number in a numbers game.  In order to receive responses, women need to believe that you actually read their profiles.  But don’t worry, we aren’t going to actually read entire profiles or we’d be sitting at our computers from dusk till dawn.  Nor are we going to have to think very much at all.

I normally don’t reveal what I’m about to reveal outside of my amazing ebook series for free, but what the hell.  I’m in a generous mood. I’m going to teach you my amazing 1-2 emailing system that will enable you to use the same pick up line over and over, while still making women believe you read their profiles and are sending a completely unique email every time.  All this will occur in sixty seconds or less. Let’s break it down…

Step 1  for creating the perfect email

Choose a pick up line that taps into different attraction builders (you must familiarize yourself with these to have success) and paste it into the top half of your email.   If you don’t have any good material, you can always borrow some from my routines manual.

Total time spent: Fifteen to thirty seconds.

Step 2 for creating the perfect pick up line

Skim the woman’s profile for any commonality that you could ask a question about.  It could be a hobby, favorite movie, etc.  The question doesn’t have to require any deep thought.  Why?  The pick up line you pasted in the first half of the email already generated the attraction and interest.  This question is simply there to prove you “read her profile” and keep the conversation going.  When you are done, write the question in the second half of your email.

Total time spent:  Fifteen to thirty seconds.

Let’s take a look at a demonstration of how to us an online dating pick up line with my 1-2 system:

Step 1 is highlighted in red.  This is the line that gets copied and pasted every time.

Step 2 is highlighted in blue.  This is the small talk question that you briefly scan the profile for.

The following pick up line displayed in red is a line that I always use on women who also have a picture with a dog up.

online dating pick up lines

Subject:  We are in our first fight…

Stealing my patented, “take a picture with the cute dog just to get messages” idea?  Not cool.  I had to steal that dog from a six year old in the park for that photo op.  And damn that woman’s grandmother could run!  

I guess I could forgive you though.  I mean, you do like Game of Thrones.  Alright first true chemistry test, favorite character and why! Good luck…

Total time spent:  60 Seconds

Why is this so effective?  Aside from the fact that its very entertaining, In this email alone I have tapped into five attraction builders that women instinctively respond to.  Can you spot them all?  If not, you have some homework to do!

Use this system and you could send five quality emails that appear completely unique in five minutes or less. All you need to do is get a collection of great material that you can use over and over again.  Just keep in mind, these emails will never work if you don’t construct your photo gallery and profile the right way!

Want the best material in the world so that you NEVER have to think about what to write again?  

Filled with over 750 pages worth of combined information, my online dating guides for men have been helping guys to meet beautiful women online at a success rate of over 99% since 2009.  Learn more about how you could download these e-books risk free within minutes, all backed by a full refund guarantee by with no hidden return fees by clicking here now… 

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