10 Online Dating Tips Every Woman Wishes You Knew!

11 Online Dating Tips Women Wish You’d Listen To

By Joshua Pompey

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As a professional online dater, I have seen and heard it all. Having been on more online dates than most men walking this earth, in addition to working with countless women all over the world, I have a unique insight into exactly what female online daters are thinking. So forget the worthless online dating tips for men that you have read in the past.


In this article, you are going to learn online dating tips that will actually help you for a change. The following is a list of the top 10 online dating tips that women wish you knew, straight from the source, real life women.

Online Dating Tip #1. Women online receive more emails than they could ever respond to

No matter how nice a woman is, even if she wanted to, she would never be able to respond to every email she received.  This would require her to quit her job, give up her social life, and never leave the house again.

If a woman doesn’t respond to your email, don’t take it personally.  There could be many reasons she isn’t responding that have absolutely nothing to do with who you are as a person, or maybe she just thinks you aren’t a great match.  If you truly are a good guy, keep on searching and working on yourself, and eventually you will find the right person.

Online Dating Tip #2.  If you want a woman to take notice, then you have make attempts to be interesting

Its not your fault that there are so many guys competing for each woman’s attention online.  That’s just the nature of the online dating world.  Guys do not fear rejection from behind a computer screen.

But you men out there do have to adapt to the environment.  If you a woman to take notice, then you need to craft unique emails that are interesting, engaging, and funny.  Distract a woman from the mind-numbingly boring emails she usually receives, and you will be miles ahead of the competition.

Online Dating Tip #3.  You can’t nice-guy a woman into feeling attraction

Attraction is a feeling that has to happen naturally.  You can’t convince a woman into going on a date with you by being super nice and practically begging for a date.  You may be a great catch, but this isn’t how you build attraction.

If you want to attract women online, instead of being over the top nice, demonstrate various qualities that women are naturally attracted to throughout your profiles and emails.  Women tend to love men who are adventurous, confident, open-minded, can make them laugh, etc.  Revealing the depth of an amazing guy will go a much longer way than trying to nice-guy your way into a woman’s heart.

Online Dating Tip #4.  Spamming emails will not make a woman’s heart skip a bit

As romantic as you may think this is, copy and pasted emails will wind up in the delete bin of any quality woman and can be spotted a mile away.  No woman wants to feel as if she is just another number in a numbers game.

Not only does it come across as lazy, which will make a woman wonder what else you are lazy with in life, but it appears desperate as well.  In the back of a woman’s mind, she will wonder, is this guy so desperate that he will just email one hundred women and just talk to anyone that responds?  This doesn’t exactly make a woman feel special.  If you want to win over the quality women, put in a little effort to make her smile!

Online Dating Tip #5.  Refrain from ever referring to a woman online as honey, babe, or sweetie

Calling a woman who is a complete stranger honey, babe, or sweetie is not cute.  Regardless of what your intentions may be, it comes across as creepy and will actually scare most women.  Save these words for when you are in an actual relationship or you may just wind up on code red creeper alert.

Online Dating Tip #6.  Do not make focus on a woman’s physical appearance.  Ever.

Of course women want to feel beautiful.  But what you must understand is that those compliments don’t make a woman feel special when they come from a complete stranger.  They accomplish the exact opposite.

If a woman doesn’t know you yet, she wants to know that you see her as more than just an object.  Focus on just getting to know the woman for the amazing person she seems to be on the inside, and save the beauty compliments for a first date.

Online Dating Tip #7.  School ended a long time ago.  Don’t provide a homework assignment.

Women may love your profile, find your emails hilarious, and your pictures cute.  But if you write emails that takes more than five minutes to respond to, there is a large chance that a woman will move on to an email that is easier to respond to.  Online dating should be fun.  It shouldn’t feel like homework.  Be engaging, but economical and make the most out of each word.

Online Dating Tip #8.  These women are not your therapist

No woman wants to see a guy suffering because he can’t get a date.  Well, no nice woman.  But that doesn’t mean she is required to date you or make you feel better. If a woman doesn’t respond to your emails, do not tell her about all your problems, beg her for a date, or complain that women online aren’t responding to you. Nor does this give you the right to tell her off, call her shallow, or yell at her.  Instead of these unproductive behaviors, focus your efforts on how to improve yourself for the next woman that comes along.

Online Dating Tip #9.  If a woman does not respond the first time, do not keep trying

If you went up to a girl at a coffee shop and got brutally shut down, would you walk up to her a second and third time repeatably asking her to give you a chance? I’d hope not.  This isn’t a rom com and you aren’t Ryan Gosling.  Persistence online isn’t romantic, its creepy.   You only get one shot at a first impression, so get that profile, photo gallery, and email perfect, and make it a good one.

Online Dating Tip #10.  Online dating is the riskiest thing a woman can ever do

Let’s be real.  There are A LOT of crazies out there and women know this.  So you need to put a woman at ease if you want her to even think about meeting you. The best way to do this?  Aside from presenting yourself as an interesting person, make her laugh!

Men that can make women laugh are the first to get dates, especially in the online world.  Obviously all women want to laugh and have a good time, but as an added bonus, if you can make a woman laugh, it will per her at ease and decrease her fears that the first date will be awkward and boring.  The date may not work out, but at least she knows she will have fun!

Online Dating Tip #11.  Sexual suggestions have no place on most dating sites

If a woman wants to talk dirty in an email, have sex with you and your girlfriend, or watch you perform ungodly acts dressed as a stuffed animal, I assure you, she will let you know.  So please don’t ask and keep your fantasies (and deviations) to yourself.

So what is the next step?

This is all very useful information. But it only begins to scratch the surface of what you need to know about attracting women online. I have been successfully helping men and women to succeed at online dating at a success rate of over 99% through my free advice, e-books, profile writing service, and coaching since 2009.

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