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”Joshua Pompey is recognized around the world as an expert in the field of online dating and relationships. With his detail-oriented advice, Pompey breaks down each online dating subject so the steps to success are easy to follow and the goals are actually attainable.” – DatingAdvice.Com

“Joshua Pompey is the premier online dating expert.  Hands down.” – Jesse, Loveopolis.

I love the profile, being a writer myself I tend to over write, so I needed help getting it down to just the essentials. I’m curious to see how this profile performs against my old profile. Fingers crossed!

 Richard, Atlanta

I’ve been shy just about all of my life. I never felt comfortable meeting women at bars and was always conscious of people watching me get rejected. I personally love the idea of people getting to know me for me from behind a computer screen. The problem is that women would not get to know me until I learned the real online game! The real online game really pin points every mistake we all make and how to fix them. I was guilty of a million rookie mistakes that Joshua talks about in the book and I now realize that millions of guys out there are just like I was. The only difference is that now I jump ahead of the pack. I must also admit that the four phase instant messaging system is great. You are a genius Pompey. – Gene Las Vegas

“Dude – so I went online with Match and Singleparentmeet and got BLASTED with responses and have 3 dates setup for this week! Your profile writing made a HUGE difference!!” – Austin, Long Island

The best part about this E-Book is that it finds the most unique ways to use real life pick up in the online world without being sleazy at all. As someone who has studied some real life pick up, this book its not only more effect than all the other advice I’ve read but it finds the most unique ways to use these methods online. There really is nothing else like this book on the internet.-JonathanPoint Pleasant

“Its a shame that you guys were so hard to find.  I randomly found your site by searching on google. Life sure would have been easier sooner for me if you guys were higher up on the search results but either way, thank you so much! – George, Denver”

The routines manual is just plain awesome. I used to just stare at my computer screen reading profiles over and over and over trying to come up with something unique to write. Half the time my eyes would glaze over completely or I’d get distracted and procrastinate on another site. Now I basically just use the same routines over and over. To be honest, there are tons of routines in here but three of them work so well for me I barely even need any of the other material. I really do recommend this to anyone. –Daniel, Providence

“Hey Josh, just wanted to write this little testimonial on your behalf. Its the least I could do considering all you’ve done for my dating life. I am a customer of The REAL Online Game and the Phone and Texting Edition. When I saw this book was coming out I bought it immediately since I was so happy with the other two books. The truth is, I’m not a very creative guy. Although the other books were getting me tons of dates, I was still struggling to find my creative side in emails and dates. This book not only gave me great ideas, but has really sparked my imagination. I’ve actually used this guide to come up with tons of ideas for myself. Thanks again Joshua.  – Chandler, East Meadow”

“When I came to online dating my story was very similar to how Joshua Pompey describes his life prior to The REAL Online Game.  I was lonely, all I wanted was a girlfriend, and I had given up meeting women in real life…

My favorite part about this guide is that almost everything Joshua does and says is explained. If you want you can skip over his comments and just read the pick ups, or you can read his analysis throughout. I found the analysis of what he is thinking to be very eye opening. Its crazy how many mistakes I have made without ever even realizing. Truly eye opening.

Kurt, Brooklyn, NY

As a big fan of the original real online game when I saw this book was available I jumped right on it. It is absolutely fantastic. Seeing Joshua work is like watching an a talented artist. It seems so effortless yet is genius to watch unfold. Amazing. – Brandon, Texas

Thanks Josh for the giving away all your secrets. As great as the other editions of the real online game are it is beyond helpful to see them actually used in real life. I tried out a few of the things I saw you doing in this book and I am definitely getting results. Thanks again all the way from Ireland. – Jamie, Ireland

Hey Joshua, this is awesome. Exactly what I needed – I would have never written this myself.  

Will follow up next week. Thanks again and have a great weekend!  – Michael, L.A

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