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Conversations Revealed


Want to see exactly how the world’s most famous online dating expert interacts with women online?  For the first time ever, Joshua Pompey reveals over 200 pages worth of real conversations, that end in real phone numbers.  This is your backstage pass to seeing how the best in the world operates, up close and personal.

Welcome to this Special Edition of The REAL Online Game

Dear friends,

Joshua Pompey here, founder, author, and creator of The REAL Online Game E-Book series.  For a long time those I have worked with have found great success through the e-books and services that I have provided.  And to be honest, I couldn’t be happier.  Never in a million years would I want anyone to go through the struggles that I once went through when I first began trying to meet women online.

But one question among my clients has continued to emerge over the years.  Clients, as well as inquiring clients, are always asking me, “Joshua, is there any way we could see what your conversations look like?”  This is a perfectly natural request.  If you were training to be a chef, and you had the opportunity to watch a world class chef in action, watching his every move would provide with you exclusive knowledge that could never be replicated anywhere else. Online dating is no different. While I am far from a chef and can barely crack two eggs open without making a mess, I do happen to have world class expertise in the field of online dating, and have no doubt that watching me in action will dramatically help your success with learning how to attract women online.


– Above is a Screen Shot of just one of the dozen’s of messages Joshua Pompey receives each day –

Yet, for years I declared that this e-book would not be put together no matter how many requests I received.  Its not that I didn’t want to show men what I was doing.  I wanted more than anything to reveal these conversations.  My main goal since day one has been to help struggling online daters, and providing transcripts of my conversations with women would serve as the ultimate companion piece to the fundamental knowledge found in the rest my e-books and services.  But I shied away from revealing real conversations due to moral concerns.  Revealing conversations with actual women just didn’t feel like the right thing to do.

However, after a long period of complementation, I found a way around this moral dilemma.  In this manual you will find over 250 pages worth of real conversations, but every name, phone number, and location that could reveal the identity of the female in question has been blocked out.  This ebook was put together in a way that will allow you to see all the important stuff, while keeping the females in question completely anonymous.  I will even reveal to you just how beautiful each woman is, what their background is, and what their age is, so that you will see exactly how types of women need to be approached based on who they are.

But perhaps the best part about this exclusive edition of The REAL Online Game is that every single page of this book is filled with a complete analysis and breakdown of each conversation.  While you read this guide you are going to have a direct insight into what my thought process is every step of the way, knowing exactly why I write each and every sentence.  When it comes down to it,  I have a response rate of over 70% with the women I approach online, and this guide is your ultimate backstage pass into how I approach, generate, and maintain interest with these women.


What Exactly Will You Receive Inside This E-Book?

  • Over 200 pages worth of real conversations that end in real phone numbers.
  • Conversations with women of varying ages, backgrounds, and levels of beauty, showing you the subtle, but critical differences in how they should be approached.
  • More than 180 notations alongside the conversations, providing you with a complete analysis of Joshua Pompey’s every move.
  • Learn how to make women the ones who chase you online, and not the other way around.
  • Pacing techniques for keeping the conversation at a highpoint at all times.
  • Learn how to choose the most effective routine for each individual woman you decide to approach, giving you the best possible chance of success.

  • Conversations that use material from The REAL Online Game Routines Manual, to show you exactly how to use our own material successfully.
  • Learn how to make the perfect transition from writing online dating first emails, to asking for phone numbers, as well as exactly when you should be pushing for that number.
  • The art of implementing conversations fuses in order to re-ignite conversations that have gone stale.
  • You will learn exactly when you should be building more attraction, building more comfort, and when the timing is perfect to push for a phone number.
  • Sample emails that will show you exactly how to determine the length that each individual email should be, to ensure that you keep women highly engaged, but don’t scare them off.

And Much More…


My favorite part about this guide is that almost everything Joshua does and says is explained. If you want you can skip over his comments and just read the pick ups, or you can read his analysis throughout. I found the analysis of what he is thinking to be very eye opening. Its crazy how many mistakes I have made without ever even realizing. Truly eye opening. – Kurt, Brooklyn, NY

As a big fan of the original real online game when I saw this book was available I jumped right on it. It is absolutely fantastic. Seeing Joshua work is like watching an a talented artist. It seems so effortless yet is genius to watch unfold. Amazing. – Brandon, Texas

Thanks Josh for the giving away all your secrets. As great as the other editions of the real online game are it is beyond helpful to see them actually used in real life. I tried out a few of the things I saw you doing in this book and I am definitely getting results. Thanks again all the way from Ireland. – Jamie, Ireland


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