The REAL Online Game:
Phone & Texting Edition

The world’s only guide that is specifically designed to work alongside online dating



Why Create A Phone & Texting Guide?

girl-lying-phone-rotatorWhen Joshua Pompey first wrote this edition of The REAL Online Game, he knew he was onto something extremely important.  But never in a million years did he envision just how important this guide would one day become.

Like it or not, these days people socialize more over the phone than through any other medium of communication. Walk down any street and you’d be hard pressed to not find half the population staring down at their phones like mindless zombies.   Let’s face it, most single women live and breathe on their cell phones. Especially the beautiful ones with active dating lives.

Well online dating is no exception to this.  Once you receive a phone number online, the majority of your interactions, both before, and after the date, will take place via the phone.

With attention spans these days being shorter than ever, and women having unlimited options online, it is more important than any other time in history to keep the connection over the phone as strong as possible.  This is the key to staying on a woman’s mind in a fast paced and busy world, filled with men who are trying to cut in on your woman.  Fail to keep interest levels high through the phone, and you will likely lose your potential relationship to the “next best thing.”  This doesn’t mean you should be obsessively calling and texting the women who provide their phone numbers.  But it does mean you must effectively use the phone in ways that not only keep women interested, but have them practically obsessing over each and every text you write.

This guide is filled with over 150 pages worth of information that will help you accomplish this, and is the only guide specifically designed to work alongside the unique world of online dating.  Online dating requires a different set of strategies than meeting women in “real” life (for a large number of reasons), and you are going to learn them all in this amazing ebook.

Why is Phone & Texting Critical to Your Online Success?

Phone mastery is critical for any single these days.  But with online dating, the importance is tenfold.  In addition to the reasons mentioned above, let’s take a look at a couple of the most important reasons why your phone and texting game needs to be on point at all times.

  • For starters, female online daters are notorious for flaking prior to a first date.  If you have been online dating long enough, you probably know this frustrating feeling all too well.  But the untold truth is, usually these women don’t flake out because they are bad people.  The real reason is often that they no longer feel comfortable enough meeting you.  Think about it.  You may have had some great conversations via email online.  But at the end of the day, those messages were only a ten minute blip in her buys, 24 hour day. A A woman may have wanted you to call her when she first gave out her number, but with each hour that passes by, her comfort levels slowly begin to fade, and you start to feel like a complete stranger again. Rather than risking an uncomfortable date, the woman in question decides to bail.  Using your phone to keep comfort and attraction levels strong is your tool for preventing this.  And it all starts with proper texting techniques and strategies.
  • The second reason phone game is critical is that it will dramatically help your chances of having the first date run as smoothly as possible.  Going into a first date without the right build up can be awkward and feel strange.  But by making the right jokes, have the right conversations, and building enough attraction over the phone prior to the date, your dates will arrive at an emotional highpoint.  This will exponentially increase the odds that you and your date hit it off from the get go.
  • Finally, and most importantly, online dating is a “next best thing” culture.  Women now live in a world where there are countless options just one click away.  Even if your first and second date went well, if you don’t know how to keep a woman interested during the periods you are not together, you run a high risk of losing her interest to the next best thing.  This guide will not only prevent this from happening, but will practically have women obsessing over when to contact you next. 


What Will You Receive in this Guide?

  • Techniques for raising attraction levels over the phone
  • How to creREALGAME3ate “conversation seeds.” There are over fifteen pages on this critical topic.
  • Strategies for closing the gap between the online world and “real life” contact.
  • Joshua Pompey’s 4 phase phone call system
  • Methods for raising and keeping comfort levels high
  • The art of “mirroring” your partner
  • Speed pattern strategies that will teach you how to have women obsessing over you
  • 20 messages that you can use on any female to ignite attraction, comfort, & interest
  • How to avoid having women flake out on youThe 12 biggest mistakes almost all men make when texting women
  • The 12 critical mistakes most men make when texting women
  • Transitional topics to keep your phone calls at an emotional high point throughout the entire duration of your conversations
  • How long to wait before texting and calling the women you meet online
  • What to text a woman after a date in order to keep the emotional excitement building without seeming eager or overagressive
  • How to avoid “panic texts”
  • Pre-packaged material that will prevent you from ever having an awkward silence on the phone.

And much more…


As a big fan of the original real online game when I saw this book was available I jumped right on it. It is absolutely fantastic. Seeing Joshua work is like watching an a talented artist. It seems so effortless yet is genius to watch unfold. Amazing. – Brandon, Texas

“Calling women for the first time was always scary for me since these women online are basically strangers.  The amazing part about the techniques in this book is that all the comfort building makes me feel as if I have known these women forever.  By the time I call them I feel like we have already been dating for long periods of time and don’t feel like strangers at all.   This book is a huge help and definitely an essential part of online dating.” – Ted, Anaheim

“So many times I would get a girls phone number online, call her, and never get a call back.  This was so frustrating.  I’m busy and sometimes its hard work getting phone numbers.  Not anymore.  The pre-phone call texting techniques like the conversation seeding ideas in this book are amazing.  Now they always pick up and even better, I always have an inside joke to laugh with them about when they answer the phone.” – Walter, Marlboro

“This book worth its value alone for the discussion on conversation seeds and how to use them. I personally bought it as part of the packaged deal. With a price like that it was practically free, so there was no reason not to. Highly recommended” – Anthony, NY

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