The REAL Online Game Routines Manual:

Never Struggle With What to Say to Women Online Again

 Are you tired of sitting at the computer for hours every night, desperately trying to think of something interesting to write women online?  Well don’t waste another minute of your life staring at the computer.  Let us take care of the thinking for you. The Routines Manual will make this process easier than you ever dreamed possible…

Why Is The Routines Manual Essential to Your Dating Life?

If you have been online dating for a while, you are probably well aware that beautiful women will not respond to emails unless they are both unique and interesting.  On the other hand, writing something unique and interesting to every woman, without even knowing whether or not she will respond is a time consuming, frustrating, and an absolutely exhausting process.  Well The REAL Online Game Routines Manual is your solution to never having to worry about what to say or write to women online again.

This Manual is a collection of the best material ever put together by world famous online dating expert Joshua Pompey.  You will have access to the emailing and instant messaging routines that Joshua has successfully been teaching his clients to implement for years.  In addition, each routine is paired with multiple transitional topics, designed to steer the discussions in more interesting directions, so that the email exchanges remain at an emotional high point and never go stale.

As if that’s not enough, you will also receive a full collection of material to use on first dates and phone calls, as well as material for making those first kisses happen with ease.  Each routine is infused with attraction building techniques in order to ensure you generate the highest levels of attraction and interest at all times.

Why is The Routines Manual so completely unique and effective?

Our Routines Manual is unlike any manual out there for one critical reason.  No matter how many times you use these Routines, they will appear original every single time, due to a unique system designed by Joshua Pompey.

When it comes down to it, women do not respond to spammed emails.  You could write write the funniest, most interesting message in the world, but if women think that you spammed the same message to other women, they will ignore it.  The Routines Manual is designed for every Routine to be implemented using the 1-2 emailing system.

What this means is that each email will be divided into two halves.  The first half of your emails will be a Routine lifted directly from The Routines Manual.  These Routines are specifically designed to ignite high levels of interest and attraction within two to three sentences, and are all proven to be highly effective.  The second half of the email will require you to briefly scan a woman’s profile for a quick commonality and question to ask.  This half of the email requires almost zero time or thinking, and should take no longer than thirty seconds max.

Why doesn’t the second half have to be interesting?  Because the routine portion of the email has already has already ignited interested and sparked an attraction.  The second half is just to prove that you read her profile and are not spamming.  Thus, the perfect email, in the shortest amount of time possible!

What types of results should you expect?


As Joshua Pompey states in The REAL Online Game, hall of famers online bat .300.  You could be the most amazing guy in the world, but with all the competition online, receiving a response from every woman just isn’t going to happen.  But as long as your profile and photo galleries are set up properly, you should be able to receive at least a thirty percent response rate.

Now do the math.  Using our system, it shouldn’t take more than thirty minutes to email ten women.  This would equate to a minimum of three potential dates per week.  And that doesn’t even count the women who message you first if you design the type of standout profile that is built for success.

These are the types of results you could and should expect.  With that said, gain enough practice, and you could join the sixty percent or higher club like some of our top experts.



alazio-1024x768“Its a shame that you guys were so hard to find.  I randomly found your site by searching on google. Life sure would have been easier sooner for me if you guys were higher up on the search results but either way, thank you so much! – George, Denver”

The routines manual is just plain awesome. I used to just stare at my computer screen reading profiles over and over and over trying to come up with something unique to write. Half the time my eyes would glaze over completely or I’d get distracted and procrastinate on another site. Now I basically just use the same routines over and over. To be honest, there are tons of routines in here but three of them work so well for me I barely even need any of the other material. I really do recommend this to anyone. –Daniel, Providence

“Hey Josh, just wanted to write this little testimonial on your behalf. Its the least I could do considering all you’ve done for my dating life. I am a customer of The REAL Online Game and the Phone and Texting Edition. When I saw this book was coming out I bought it immediately since I was so happy with the other two books. The truth is, I’m not a very creative guy. Although the other books were getting me tons of dates, I was still struggling to find my creative side in emails and dates. This book not only gave me great ideas, but has really sparked my imagination. I’ve actually used this guide to come up with tons of ideas for myself. Thanks again Joshua.  – Chandler, East Meadow”

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Never struggle with what to say to women online again.  Since 2009, less than one percent of men have ever requested a return on this product.  Find out why by downloading your copy today!

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