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Before learning why this e-book has changed the lives of men all over the world for more than half a decade, ask yourself the following questions…


  • 183350104Are you struggling with online dating?
  • Is online dating nowhere near as easy as you thought it would be?
  • Are women not responding to your emails no matter what you write?
  • Are the women that do respond nowhere near the quality you had hoped for when signing up?
  • Do the best looking women only seem to go after the best looking men?
  • Are phone numbers rare?  Dates rarer?  And is physical contact practically non-existent?
  • After weeks of sending emails to the type of women you really want to date, do you find yourself lowering your standards week by week, eventually settling for anyone who will respond?
  • Do you desperately want to quit online dating, but feel trapped because your daily life no longer has many opportunities to meet women?


If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, do not worry for another second. You are far from alone.  Millions of men all over the world are experiencing the exact same problems described above.

The good news is, not only can we easily eliminate these problems, but with the right knowledge, I could turn you into the type of guy that even the most beautiful women online chase.  The REAL Online Game was specifically designed for the millions of men walking this earth who weren’t born with perfect looks, don’t have insane amounts of money, and weren’t born natural ladies men.  We are the REAL online daters of the world and this guide is our solution.

I don’t care who you are, what you look like, or where you come from.  I’ve been changing the dating lives of men all over the world at a success rate of over 99% since 2009 with The REAL Online Game, and I will change your life too.  Guaranteed!

Before I Show You EXACTLY how this Amazing Guide Will Change Your Life Forever, Let’s Take a Look at Some Evidence of just how effective The REAL Online Game is…

Click through the samples below and ask yourself the question, would you like your inbox to look like this?  Keep in mind, i do not advertise my income, who I am, or my profession to influence a woman’s interest.  These results are typical of those who download The REAL Online Game. 

Just another typical week on Match.Com.  How would you like to have 84 options in one week?

match.com weekly report

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Would you like the type of results above for yourself?   Keep in mind, these are just ten pictures I randomly chose.  I could show you thousands more if I wanted to.    I have been teaching men all over the world to achieve these types of results since 2009 regardless of age, ethnicity, looks, or stature in life, and I can guarantee the same results for you if you follow my teachings.

Who Am I & Why Am I More Equipped Than Anyone Else in the World to Help You Successfully Meet Women Online? 

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Now that you’ve seen what I can do for you, allow me to formally introduce myself.  My name is Joshua Pompey, and over the past decade I have been known and referred to as the best online dating expert in the world.  But life wasn’t always this way…

I spent most of my life shy, socially awkward around women, and always seemed to find myself in the dreaded friend zone with the few women I could work up the courage to talk to.  I always tried to “nice-guy” my way into women’s hearts, which of course, I didn’t know at the time just doesn’t work.

After spending nearly my entire life not meeting anyone in “real life” and becoming incredibly lonely, I decided to give online dating a try.

My self esteem was low.  I hadn’t kissed a girl in more than a year.  And I was starting to question every single aspect of who I was as a person.   It may sound silly, but online dating felt like my last hope in life to meet someone.

I wasn’t crazy about the idea, but at least I’ll meet somebody I thought.

Boy was I in for a surprise…

Months went by.  Zero responses.  Zero numbers.  Zero dates.  Zero contact with women.  I wasn’t just failing.   Women didn’t even take the time to formally reject me.  I went completely ignored.  It was as if I didn’t even exist.  

I was paying to have my self esteem absolutely crippled on a daily basis.  All online dating left me with was an empty wallet and the worst depression of my entire life.  To say I hit rock bottom and suffered emotionally would be the understatement of the century. My feelings of self-worth went to less than zero.

To make a very long and painful story short, eventually I snapped out of my depression (and feeling sorry for myself) and made a conscious decision to never allow myself to feel this way again.  I was tired of being lonely.  Tired of failure.  Tired of watching other guys walk arm and arm with beautiful women.

It was my turn to be that guy.  Finding a girlfriend was no longer good enough.  I wanted the best women.  I wanted to be the guy women chased.  I wanted the type of dream lifestyle that always seemed reserved for the best looking and wealthiest guys.

I was determined to change my life with women forever.  I still wasn’t the type of guy to pick up women at bars and clubs, but I was going to learn to master online dating if it killed me.

To make a long, long story short, after countless sleepless nights of research, experimentation, trial and error, and trying virtually every single idea I could come up with, I eventually learned to master the art of online dating and all its little nuisances.

Fast forward to the present and I’ve been featured and seen in front of more than 10 million people for my successful approach to online dating.

But what makes me so equipped to help you?  Nobody could possibly understand the struggles that men go through online more than me, and I am determined to help every man alive never experience the emotional pain and rock bottom that online dating once made me feel.

My advice is specifically designed for the millions of men who weren’t born wealthy or with perfect looks. We are the real online daters of the world, and this guide is our solution.


What Exactly Is The REAL Online Game?




The REAL Online Game is your guaranteed solution to meeting beautiful women online quicker, faster, and more effectively than ever, no matter who you are, or what you look like.

These days the competition online is absolutely ruthless, with the most beautiful women online often receiving 100 or more messages a week. Without the right knowledge, strategies, and implementation, you will never be able to make a dent in their inboxes.  On the other hand, by learning how to spark high extremely high levels of interest and ignite intense levels of attraction, you will not only rise to the top of the competition, but you will have women feeling as if they need to talk to you.  With The REAL Online Game, you become the prize that needs to be chased, selecting who you want to engage with.

Not all of us were born with perfect looks, vast amounts of wealth, or natural ladies men.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to have the type of dream lifestyle with women that the Brad Pitt’s of this world seem to achieve so easily.  With this guide, you will never have to wonder what this type of lifestyle will be like again.  You will be too busy juggling the vast amount of dates lined up for yourself each and every week.

Who is The REAL Online Game designed to work for?



When I started online dating nearly a decade ago and got emotionally crushed by my lack of success, I was just a regular nice guy walking this earth, who didn’t understand how to navigate the world of women.  This guide was specifically designed for the REAL online daters of the world who are just like I was several years ago.

The REAL online daters of the world are the millions of us “regular guys” walking through life, who simply want to get off the sidelines, and have an above average dating life with the best and most beautiful women out there.

Whether you are the teacher next door, the recent college graduate, the lawyer down the block, the newly divorced neighbor,  or any one of the millions of men out there who just want to form meaningful relationships with women, The REAL Online Game is your guaranteed solution to meeting women online quicker, faster, and more effectively than ever, no matter who you are, or what you look like.

But I’m not that good looking. How could The REAL Online Game Possibly Work for me?


The reason The REAL Online Game is the most successful online dating guide out there, is because its methods are mainly based in science and a full understanding of how attraction works.

When it comes to attraction, men and women are genetically wired much differently.  Men for example, are mostly visual when it comes to attraction.  When we see a beautiful woman with nice curves and a beautiful face, we instantly feel an attraction towards her.  It is not a choice that we consciously think about.  It is just a chemical reaction that happens instantly.

Luckily for us, women are wired completely differently.  Women are drastically less visual then men are, so looks play a much smaller role in attraction. Women mainly feel attraction towards men based on a man’s internal characteristics and personality traits.

This is not a conscious choice.  Just like we don’t consciously choose to feel attracted to women who have nice curves and a beautiful face, women don’t choose to feel attracted to men who have certain internal qualities.  It just happens instantly when they see these qualities in a man.

Well through my years of research and experimentation, I have found that there are 10 fundamental internal qualities that nearly all women are instinctively attracted to.  And within these ten qualities, there are unlimited ways to demonstrate them online. All you have to do is understand what they are, how they work, and then implement them into every word you write, every picture you post, and every single action you take online.  The more attraction you infuse into every aspect of your online dating life, the better. 

Do this properly and when women get to your emails and profile online, they will feel an instant attraction that is beyond their control.   It is not magic, it is not manipulative, and it doesn’t require you to pretend you are someone you are not. It is simply a matter of understanding the female mind, then adapting that knowledge to the online world and learning how to reveal your best self in ways that women instinctively respond to.  This is why The REAL Online Game has had a success rate of over 99% with men of all looks, shapes, sizes, and statuses in life for more than half a decade.

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Are You Ready to Learn What Will You Receive in This 100% Guaranteed Guide?

For the price that most online dating sites charge for just one month of membership, you are going to receive over 200 pages worth of information that will allow you to date more women and higher quality women any time you want.  The REAL Online Game is an investment in your time, happiness, quality of life, and will ultimately save you countless dollars in the long run.


  • The 10 Proven methods of online attraction, that will attract even the most beautiful women online, regardless of who you are, what you look like, or where you come from.
  • The online progression of emotions theory and how to use this to your advantage.
  • How to surge past the competition online and gain the attention of even the most sought after women out there.
  • Every attraction killer that almost all men unintentionally use, that you absolutely must avoid to find success online.
  • How to use a “conversation fuses” to take create an explosive effect on the women you engage with.
  • The best Instant Messaging opener of all time.
  • The four critical stages of Instant Messaging Game.
  • Methods for increasing comfort levels with every email exchange so that women feel as if they have an instant long-term connection with you.
  • The art of language use and how to use this to create high levels of interest, intrigue, and attraction.
  • Proven routines and openers that you can use within minutes of downloading this guide.
  • The 3 biggest myths of online dating.
  • Various methods for turning yourself into a prize that women will want to chase online.
  • Working multiple conversations at the same time in a highly effective manner.
  • The art of creating “conversation seeds” to take comfort levels to the highest possible level.
  • How to properly transition from the first email, to the very last, without losing the attention of your audience.
  • Conversational speed techniques and how to use them properly.
  • How to “role play” and establish the psychological feeling of a strong bond between you and a beautiful woman.
  • The rookie mistakes most men make that you absolutely must avoid.
  • The art of creating the perfect visual story that will make women want to be a part of your life, regardless of what you look like.
  • A step by step tutorial on how to build a new and improved you.
  • How to avoid being the “nice-guy” that women ignore, and turn yourself into a high demand male that women can’t wait to meet.
  • Visualization techniques for crafting the perfect profile.
  • Attraction techniques to infuse into every word of your profile, providing you with a profile that women can’t resist.
  • The indirect messages that your appearance will communicate to women, both in the online world, and in the real world, and how to transform yourself into the type of guy that exudes confidence and quality.
  • The types of pictures that are scientifically proven to generate the most responses.
  • Photo gallery red flags that must be avoided at all costs.
  • How to turn yourself into the ultimate marketing product that women want to buy.
  • A step by step analysis of profiles that won’t get you results, along with a breakdown on how to transform your profile into one that women can’t resist.
  • Writing tactics that will keep women hooked from the first word of your profile, all the way to the very last.
  • How to infuse attraction into every word and statement you write.
  • The best days and times to approach a woman and get results.
  • Step by step analysis of emails that are highly effective, versus those that will wind up straight in the trash bin.
  • What your emails are really communicating to women and how to correct this.
  • How to create high levels of demand with your emails.
  • The perfect timing for moving in on a number close,
  • Mirroring techniques that will keep the flow of your interactions at the perfect pace.
  • Which websites you should be using to meet women online.
  • Using the right kind of humor to keep women highly engaged and build attraction at the same time.
  • Canned responses for creating the right kind of humor.
  • How to use the phone and texting to increase attraction and comfort levels.
  • When to call a woman versus text.
  • How long to wait before reaching out to a woman after receiving her phone number.
  • Techniques for creating a flawless transition from the online conversation, straight to the phone.

And much, much more.


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Need More Evidence? Don’t just take our word for it…  

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  Screen shot 2014-06-14 at 1.45.32 PM  
“The Best Online Dater in the World”
I have been taking all of your advice and it has proven worthwhile. I am batting pretty close to .450. I have a date tomorrow night, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday night. And you know what? The books are right. I am becoming THAT guy! I wrote my first “10″ and she wrote back and said my email stood out over the 100s she has received! WOW! – Roger, MA,
“When I came to online dating my story was very similar to how Joshua Pompey describes his life prior to The REAL Online Game. I was lonely, all I wanted was a girlfriend, and I had given up meeting women in real life. I came to online dating and just like Joshua, it was even worse. Truth be told, the only reason I bought this book was because I connected with his story so much. Well thank God I did. It wasn’t an overnight fix, but within a month I was going on dates, and within a couple months I had tons of dates, hook ups, and am not proud to say I have a girlfriend who I really care about. Thank you so much Joshua and best of luck everyone.” Andrew, Illinois
“Its a shame that you guys were so hard to find. I randomly found your site by searching on google. Life sure would have been easier sooner for me if you guys were higher up on the search results but either way, thank you so much! – George, Denver”
“Joshua Pompey is the premier online dating expert. Hands down.” – Jesse
“Joshua Pompey Is The Fool Proof Source In Online Dating, Legit, and the future front runner in online dating advice for men.” Kelly Sowell, Matchmaker & Dating Coach

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Still not convinced?  Why The REAL Online Game Will Save You Hundreds of Dollars…




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Why struggle each month with minimal results when you could live a dream life with one small investment? This isn’t just any ordinary purchase, its an investment in your future, happiness, and overall quality of life.

But perhaps the best part is this offer is completely risk free…


Worried about spending your hard earned money?  With all the horrible products out there, we don’t blame you.  We are completely confident you will love this guide, but if for some reason you don’t, email us your receipts and you will receive a full refund with no hidden return fees. You can then take that money and try a different product, putting all the risk on our shoulders.   Considering less than a handful of customers have requested a refund in more than half a decade, this is not something we worry about! We trust our clients to be honest, and they haven’t let us down yet.

So ask yourself one last time…



Are you ready to stop putting your life on hold?

Are you ready to start living the life you have always dreamed of?

Do you want to date the types of women seen in the picture above?

All of this is possible, and more.  Download The REAL Online Game now and for the price that most dating sites charge for just one month of membership, you are going to have more datesbetter dates, and a dream lifestyle with a quality of women that are more beautiful than you ever dreamed possible, saving you years worth of expensive dating bills, and time spent at the computer screen.  Try it out.  You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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