Why Some Women Don’t Want A Relationship

Women at elite universities are choosing hookups because they see relationships as too demanding and potentially too distracting from their goals. We talk to students and professionals about feminism and the noncommital lifestyle of casual sex.
Originally aired on July 16, 2013
Hosted by:

Caitlyn Becker
  • Amber Madison @AmberMadi (New York, NY) Author of ‘Are All Guys Assholes?’, ‘Hooking Up’, & ‘Talking Sex With Your Kids’
  • Caitlin Corsetti @caitlincorsetti (New York, NY) Editorial Assistant at Gurl.com
  • Dr. Elizabeth A. Armstrong @elarmstr (Ann Arbor, MI) Associate Professor of Sociology and Organizational Studies at University of Michigan
  • Erika Awakening @ErikaAwakening (San Francisco, CA) Holistic Life Coach and Blogger
  • Joshua Pompey @JoshuaPompey (New York, NY) Founder of GetRealDates.com

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