3 Immediate Changes You Should Make to Your Dating Habits

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3 Immediate Changes You Should Make to Your Dating Habits

53d44e6a60ead_-_08-200812-kissing-on-a-first-date-relationship-milestones-jcrhvp-lgnIf you have been receiving a lot of dates lately, but haven’t had much success, perhaps a little change in your dating habits is in order.  Repeating the same mistakes over and over, and hoping for different results is never a recipe for success.

So let’s take a look at 3 immediate changes that you might need to make with your dating habits immediately.

Play it cool.

Going on a date with a guy you actually like is rare.  But you can’t act like a little school girl with a crush when you find yourself in this situation.  Guys don’t respond to women who fawn all over them.  While may do want to know a woman is interested, they also enjoy the thrill of the chase, so keep them on their toes a bit.

If you get on a date with a guy you like, don’t get nervous and worry about all the negative outcomes that could arise.  Just have fun, go with the flow, and allow all your great qualities to come out naturally over time.  There is nothing sexier to a man than confidence.  So be that confident woman.

Don’t be an investigative reporter

You cannot treat your date is if he is being investigated for a crime.  What I mean by this is, you are on a date with a great guy, not a man on a trail.  Don’t ask him every question you could thing of in an attempt to screen and qualify whether or not you are a potential match.

You may like the answers you hear, but he will lose interest long before you get to the point.  Be cool and just have a natural, free-flowing conversation.  Over time, all the answer you want will eventually come out.

Go with the flow

Nobody wants to date a woman who is high maintenance that always needs to have things her way.  For example, I have been on countless dates where I suggest a bar, then they say, let’s go here instead, it’s better.  This isn’t a problem at all.  I’m chill, down to earth, and will have fun anywhere.  But what does this suggestion say about the woman I’m dating?  Will she always want to make a suggestion to do something different.  Is she fussy about where she goes?

When a man dates you, you want to present the image a woman who is completely down to earth.  And if you aren’t, perhaps it’s something to work on a bit!

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