5 Reasons To Date Multiple People At Once

Some people have a negative view of “players”, but certain experts advise trying it as a way to find the person you are really looking for. We discuss the pros and cons of playing the field.

Originally aired on April 25, 2013

Hosted by:

  • Abby Huntsman

  • Jena Kingsley @jenakingsley (New York, NY) Writer/Creator of the Blog ‘Darcy Dates’; Beauty Columnist at Beautyblitz.com
  • Joshua Pompey @JoshuaPompey (New York, NY) Founder of GetRealDates.com
  • Prescott Reynolds @datebynumbers (Denver, CO) Blogger of DateByNumbers.tumblr.com
  • Ronnie Ann Ryan @RonnieAnnRyan (New Haven, CT) Dating Coach
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