The 6 biggest reasons aren’t you attracting quality men online

The 6 Biggest Reasons You Haven’t Attracted a Quality Man Online Yet

By Joshua Pompey

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Are you frustrated with the men you are meeting online?

Odds are that if you have not met someone special online, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.   But there is probably something wrong with the approach that you are taking.  Its time to throw out the excuses of “there are no good men on these sites,” or “online dating just isn’t for me.”  That simply isn’t true.  I’ve been successfully helping women to meet quality men online for years.  Its simply a matter of learning how to pinpoint and attract the good ones.  The following list is composed of the most common reasons you may be failing to attract a quality man online.   If you fall into one or more of these categories, its time to make the necessary adjustments.

You are blurring into the masses

The highest quality men on these sites receive a ton of attention.  This is because quality men online are hard to find, so when most women spot one, they jump all over it.  If you want to get the attention of these types of men, you need to separate yourself from the competition by writing a flawless profile, creating an incredible visual story, and writing emails that spark high levels of interest.

Your photo gallery is flawed

Men are extremely visual when it comes to attraction.  If your photo gallery is not set up properly, you are not going to get very far with attracting a quality man online.  Your photo gallery should be set up to accomplish two important tasks:  1.  You must appear physically attractive and highlight your best features.  2.  Your photo gallery should highlight your interests, hobbies, and passions, the same way the written portion of your profile does.

Woman on cmpCommon photo gallery flaws:

  • Photos that are not attractive enough
  • Having one bad picture.  Rule of thumb: You are only as good as your worst picture.
  • Pictures taken in a mirror
  • Not telling the right visual story
  • Unintentionally sexualizing a photo gallery too much
  • Sending red flags. For example:  Party girl, potentially promiscuous, desperate, with other men, etc.
  • Pictures taken in a setting that conveys images of isolation and loneliness
  • Photos taken from far away or mysterious angles

You aren’t being proactive enough

You can’t just sit back and wait around for your dream guy to message you.  Most of the quality men online never even search on their own because they are too busy fielding messages from women that are already pursuing them.  The days of traditional courtship are long gone.  If you want to land the best men on the Internet, you need to get aggressive and compete with your competition.

You are coming on too strong

Men who are in high demand are not attracted to women that completely throw themselves at them.  No matter how exciting it is to come across a man who seems to be your perfect match on paper, play it cool. Filling an email with endless compliments and praise will only cause him to question whether or not you are desperate and why you are coming on so strong.  Instead of trying to flatter a man into a responding, focus on being engaging, playful, and interesting.

You are boring your audience

The men who are worth settling down with are after more than just a pretty face.  They want the whole package.  Writing emails that are filled with boring small talk questions will not ignite interest.

Being interesting in real life means nothing if you can’t carry your interesting qualities over to your writing.  So the next time you send a first email to a great guy, unleash that charm, be playful, and make the man exciting about the prospect of getting to know you.

Other common emailing mistakes:

  • Writing emails that take too much time to read/respond to
  • Asking too many questions
  • Writing messages that are filled with compliments
  • Using words and language that unintentionally creates the image of a desperate woman
  • Failing to ask a question
  • Grammer and spelling mistakes
  • Not understanding basic male attraction principles

You don’t have the right mindset

Quality men can sense when a woman is bringing baggage to the table.  If you feel hopeless about meeting a quality man online, it is going to show in one way or another.  You need to stay positive at all times and just enjoy the process.  Whether its in your profile writing or on a first date, positive energy attracts positive attention, so stay optimistic!

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