5 Qualities that Men find Attractive on a First Date

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5 Qualities that Men Find Very Attractive on a First Date

By Joshua Pompey

First-Date-1Have a big date coming up this week?  Fantastic.  But before you head out on your date this weekend, ask yourself the question, are you fully prepared to impress your date?

Below are five qualities that men love to see when they meet a woman online for the first time.  How do you measure up to the qualities discussed in this list?


Many men downright fear monogamy.  Its not because they can’t stay faithful to one woman.  Its because they fear a lifetime of suburban boredom, in which picking up the kids and taking out the garbage is the most exciting point in the day.  Ease this fear of boredom by showing that you are open-minded, are not afraid to try new things, and will always seek to live life to the fullest.

Dress to Impress

Men are very visual beings when it comes to attraction.  Its easy to slip into a habit of squeezing online dates in straight from work, especially if you live in a big city.  But ask yourself, are you really looking your best rushing from work?  If you want to fully attract men online on your first dates, take the extra time to put on an outfit that really makes his jaw drop, and use makeup in subtle ways to highlight your best features.  It may take some extra effort, but the impact will be worth the extra effort.  Just remember, stay classy when you are adding sex appeal.


All of us men are convinced we are the funniest men alive.  When women laugh at our jokes, it not only makes us feel good, but tends to make us like the woman even more, creating the impression that we are connecting and having such a great time.  A cute laugh that is paired with a beautiful smile will go a long way towards putting a smile on our face as well.

Being Playful

We don’t need you to be serious and “lady-like” to make a good impression.  Going on online dates can get boring after a while and unleashing the inner kid inside you is the perfect way to relieve that boredom.   So just let loose, be silly, and have fun!

Showing Selflessness

One of the sexiest qualities a woman can show is offering to buy the second round of drinks, or paying for half of dinner.  Its not because we are cheap, and most men will not take you up on the offer, but the money isn’t the point.  Its the character traits you are revealing about yourself.

Just offering shows that you aren’t selfish and are a considerate person.  When a woman never even reaches for her wallet, the first thing I wonder is, (aside from whether or not she is selfish) will this woman expect me to always pay down the road?  Almost no guy wants this.  Even those that make a lot of money.

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