Finding a Good Man this Fall

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To Find a Good Man in the Fall, Let’s Take a Trip!

By Guest Blogger Michael James


Summer has passed and you weren’t able to make that love connection.  Don’t sweat it though because contrary to popular beliefs (and most love songs) many people don’t fall in love over the mid-year months.  The hot days are usually reserved for flings and short romances.  Our true relationships don’t blossom until the air turns crisp and the thrills of summer nights have passed.  As the days shorten, men typically change their pace and frequent places other than the bar, club, or beach.  But where are these places?  Closer than you think.

As fall comes around the corner, men look to stay warm and keep near their castle (or cave).  The typical neighborhood spots are going to be your best bet in meeting someone in a relaxed and comfortable environment.  Now there’s no sure spot where you’re going to come across prince charming, but you can increase your level of success if you find the local areas in your town that men like to call their own.  Let’s take a trip through our local streets and see what we find!

Start out nice and early in the sharpness of the cold air.  The scent of a nice warm hot cup of coffee is fabulous around 9:30 AM.  Even better, the aroma of a nice bearded man wrapped in a soft sweater, sitting by the window at your local coffee shop, perhaps reading poetry or diversifying his portfolio.  Okay well maybe no poetry; but this is the first place we need to stop on our journey.  The local coffee shop in the fall is going to be buzzing with men.  We’ve got hot mocha lattes with whipped cream and Kenny G music softly playing in the background.  Curl up in a corner with your favorite book and see if you can attract a smile or a glance.

It’s 11:00 AM and we’ve got plenty of energy from our coffee, or two, or three.  Now we need to do something with it.  But where?  Let’s take a cab over to our local gym.  The gym?! I know what you’re thinking:  I don’t want to meet that type of guy.  But the truth of it is, the guy who hits the gym in the fall is just the type you’re looking for.  He’s not the typical “New Year New You”, nor the one who puts in his two weeks just before the summer.  A gym man in the fall months is focused on treating himself as he deserves; he is looking to improve his health and perhaps enjoy a post-summer hobby.  Stroll past a few times and see if he is checking you out through the reflection of 7 mirrors at various angles.  Move on over for some lower-body work and he is sure to take notice.

The day is moving on and we’re getting into the afternoon hours.  Our morning was spent at the brew-house getting our buzz and beard fix, and finished up with a great workout and sweat.  Time to replenish those electrolytes and pick up a bite to eat.  Head over to your local supermarket and start making your way up and down the aisles.  The fall is the time of the year where you will find hordes of men scouring every crevice of the local food shop to stock up on grub for major sporting events.  Make sure you check out the snack stands, the butchery, and the beer sections.  Accidentally bump your carts and finish with an “Oh Excuse me, heh heh…” as you reach to the bottom shelf to grab some thin mints.  Cleanup on aisle seven!

Afternoon is progressing into the evening and we’re off to the house to shower and freshen up.  Ring up a few girlfriends and plan a date to the local sports bar and restaurant around 8 PM.  October brings baseball playoffs, the start of hockey season, and the king of them all:  Football.  It is absolutely certain that you and your gal pals will come across groups of men out to root for their team and just have a great time with their buddies.  Make sure to dress casually and aim to enjoy the time with your ladies as well.  Two groups of friends out to relax and enjoy a night will naturally gravitate towards each other.

Remember men are creatures of habit, especially in the fall.  The chance is high that you will likely run into the same hunk more than once at your local coffee house, gym, supermarket, or sports restaurant.  This sets up the perfect equation for increasing the likelihood of making a connection.  A glance can turn into a smile; a smile into a hello and goodbye; a greeting into a conversation; and a conversation into a date.  Stick to the plan and you two could be falling for each other in no time.

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