Football in the Fall: Understanding Your Man’s Obession

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Football in Fall:  Understanding Your Man’s Obsession

By Guest Blogger Michael James

couple-watching-football-398pxIt is inevitable that the TV in your man’s house will be on all day long every Sunday in the fall.  It’s also inevitable that the volume will be double the normal level, only to be overcome by grunts, yelling, burping, and the sounds of beer cans “kchshhhh”ing.  His phone may ring and ring, or he may answer after one ring and give you the “Yes”, “Uh Huh”, “Uh Huh”, “Yea”, “Hey can I call you back later?”  Don’t worry too much though because this happens in most households across America; the crisp and cool air brings a phenomenon that can only be described by one word:  Football.

You may be asking yourself “What is the big deal?” or “Why does he have to watch every game?”  Well the answer is simple.  Because he is Man.

There’s just something in our DNA that requires us to park it on the couch every Sunday and watch other men throw a pigskin ball to their teammates.  We must thrust ourselves into the game wholeheartedly.  We know the sport better than the referees, the coaches, the players, the announcers; and we must let our knowledge be heard through the TV and throughout our neighborhood.  We must deliberate everything about the game with our buddies while dropping crumbs and spilling bear onto the apparel that represents pure love for our team.  This is what God intended for Sundays, right?

So what do you, the woman, do during this prestigious event?  Do you go enjoy a hot mocha-latte with your girlfriends and hit the mall?  Maybe once.  Maybe twice.  But you cannot possibly do this every Sunday in the fall.  Sugar and shopping is a dangerous combination!  Why not try to understand your man’s obsession and even partake in the festivities with him?  You can easily make Sundays into a great day of bonding and fun.

Start by plopping down on the couch next to him and just watching.  Once things get going, begin to ask questions about the game.  Men love to spread their football knowledge.   Even if you already are a connoisseur of the gridiron game, give in to him a little bit and let him shine his ego slightly.  Aim to get the lingo down pat and start talking the language.  Chances are once you can clearly make out what is going on in the game and what is being discussed by the announcers, you will be interested in the drama as it unfolds.  “A flag?  Are you kidding me?!? He didn’t even make contact!”

Next you will need to get some gear.  Nail down a favorite player and mention to your man how you’d love his jersey.  I would put money on having one magically appear by next game day.  No doubt you will look perfect in his eyes while trotting around his place in a shiny football jersey and cute shorts or tights.

We’ve got the game and the dress down, and now for the trifecta:  The Food.  Be careful here as this could be a trap.  While your instincts may call for a gourmet meal followed by cute little football shaped cookies, the general rule for Sunday is The More, The Better.  We need gallons of beer, buckets of chips,   giant pretzels, stacks of pizzas, and possibly a grill sizzling burgers and “dogs”.  Yes, “dogs”.  You simply cannot bring too much food to the table on a Sunday.   As for eating all of this food, well that’s a different story.  We just need to see it.  We need to know that it’s there; comforting and loving us.

Before you know it every Sunday will be a day-long date for you and your man.  You’ll have entertainment, snuggling time, food, discussion, and a happy partner at our side.  Best of all, you’ll have 6 other days in the week where you can pull the “But I watch football with you all day Sunday!” card.   That little gem right there may land you a personal foul for unnecessary roughness, but sometimes taking a penalty is required.

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