Free Online Dating Email Template

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Free Online Dating Email Template

The following template is the same excel sheet that I use when I acquire matches for my VIP clients.  This strategy plays a massive role in why my female clients are able to find relationships in an average time span of 3 months or less.  The idea of this template is to ensure that messages are sent out to 3 quality matches you are truly interested in every day, regardless of how busy you get.

Download this free emailing template now and please read the instructions below.

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Step 1:  Log onto the dating site of your choice and find the search preferences.

Step 2:  Adjust your preferences so that you are as close to your ideal match as possible, then begin searching for matches.

Step 3:  For every potential match you find, insert his username into the appropriate slot on your template.

Step 4:  Rate the priority of how eager you are to message each match on a scale of 1 to 10.

Step 5:  Do not send any messages until you have all 60 potential matches inserted.  Doing this in advance will ensure that you never miss a day.  This is the bulk of your work for the month will require a couple hours.  Treat it with the same importance that you would treat a job.

Step 6:  Email 3 people from your list per day, regardless of how busy you get.  Start by messaging those who have the highest priority (you don’t have to message the men in the order that you listed them, as long as you do 3 a day).  This should take no longer than 20 minutes.

Step 7:  Once you message someone, delete them from your list and click save.

The initial searching may take a couple hours on a free day, but after this, you will have messaged 60 quality matches in 1 month, by putting in only 20 minutes or work a day, which I think we can all agree, there are much less important things we all waste 20 minutes a day on.

Stick to this formula and like most of my V.I.P. clients, you will dramatically improve your chances of finding a long term match within three months or less.

Download this free emailing template now

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