How to Create a Profile Men Will Fight Over

7 Ways to Create an Online Dating Profile Quality Men Can’t Resist

By Joshua Pompey



If there is one fact you as a woman you can be certain of when signing up for online dating, its that you are going to receive a lot of emails no matter what. But receiving emails from the right kind of men that you want to actually settle down and start a life with? That is a bit more difficult.

In order to put yourself in the best chance of making this happen, you need to learn how to create an online dating profile that attracts a quality man.  Poorly written profiles will attract any man with a sex drive and breathing pulse.  Quality profiles will attract the type of men that are after more than just another conquest or pretty face.  These men will actually care what you have to say about yourself.  So let’s not just learn how to create an online dating profile.  Let’s learn how to create an online dating profile that men will fight over with these important online dating profile tips.

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1.  Your Profile Writing Means Nothing Without a Great Photo Gallery


It doesn’t matter if Shakespeare himself wrote your profile.  Men are very visual creatures.  If they are not attracted to your profile pictures, they won’t respond to your emails.

Does this mean you have to be beautiful by conventional standards?  Absolutely not.  Beauty comes in all shapes and forms.  But it does mean that you need to highlight your best qualities and features in ways that are attractive to men.  Always make a calculated effort to look the best you possibly can in your photos. In addition, your photo gallery should tell a visual story about your life and who you are as a person, the same way your profile writing does.

2.  Send the Right Signals About Yourself

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If you present trash, you will receive trash.  If you present quality, you will receive quality.  Posting half-naked pictures in front of the bathroom mirror will attract men who are just looking for sex.  Posting pictures of yourself partying hard with friends will cause men to think you are wild.  You get the idea.

The type of men you attract online is going to be directly correlated with the image you present in your profile pictures and profile writing.  If you want to attract the right kind of man when creating an online dating profile, you need to tell the right story about yourself.  Each picture is worth a 1000 words.  Make those 1000 words count.

3.  Avoid weak and desperate sounding language.


The words you choose online can have a large impact on how you are perceived.  The key is to avoid language that makes you look lonely, needy, or desperate, and choose words that show you are confident, in control, and amazing.

Let’s take a look at an example.  Changing the statement,  ”I am hoping to find a man who is smart, fun, and exciting,” to “the perfect man for me should be smart, fun, and exciting,”  is an extremely subtle change, but creates two entirely different images.  It changes the profile writer from someone who sounds lonely, to someone who appears confident and in control.  When creating an online dating profile every little detail matters.

4.   Always add profile bait to your writing.


Often times men will see your profile and want to send you a message, but instead move on to the next profile out of frustration because they can’t think of anything interesting to say.  This is because quality men understand how much competition there is online, and know most women won’t respond to an email unless a man says something unique or attention grabbing.

Profile bait circumvents this problem.  It is the art of setting up the reader with an easy question to ask.  For example, instead of saying, “I love going for long hikes,” you could add profile bait by writing,  ”I love to hike and explore new places.  Don’t forget to ask me about the time I nearly came face to face with a grizzly bear…”  Now any man who is viewing your profile will not have to think hard what he could ask you.  (For more detailed online dating tips on profile bait, click here)

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5.  Do not make lists of qualities you don’t want in a man.


Don’t create an online dating profile filled with long lists of deal-breakers and qualities that you don’t want in a man.  This will make it seem as if you are someone who has been jaded by dating, a serial dater, or a negative person in general.  Even if none of this is true, perception is everything.

Perhaps most importantly, making a list of what you don’t want in a man is not going to ward off the men you don’t want.  These creeps will still approach you regardless.  But it will unintentionally ward off the men you do want to attract.  So keep it positive. Positive energy attracts positive attention.

6.  Avoid all cliches when creating an online dating profile.


Allow me to take a wild guess.  Do you sometimes enjoy going out with your friends on a Friday night, but are just as happy staying in and having a glass of wine?  Congratulations.  If you wrote that in your profile, you just won the “I am exactly the same as every other woman on this site” award.

Ok, so maybe I’m being a little hard on you.  But if you want to attract the best men, you need to separate yourself from the masses and show them that you are not just another walking cliche.  Let’s change the above statement to, “When I’m not catching up with friends at my favorite bar on a Friday night (O’Hanley’s – best wings ever!), sometimes nothing is better than curling up on the couch with my little puppy Oscar and watching a scary movie.  Any suggestions!?”

The revised statement is unique, playful, adds two pieces of bait, demonstrates specific interests, will attract dog lovers, and overall, makes the profile much more interesting to read.

7.  You Are Only As Good as Your Worst Picture.


This may sound harsh, but its true.  Men are very visual.  You may have 5 pictures that you look attractive in, but if there is one that presents you in a completely unflattering light, that may just be enough to send a man running off to the next profile.   In addition, many men are extra wary of being deceived by false pictures since it happens so often online.  This is all the more why men will be so judgmental of one bad picture.  Choose wisely.

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  1. Jamie

    This is great advice. I definitely need to work on step number 3 .. I definitely use that needy sounding language all the time …. woops! :/

  2. Annie Marie Peters

    Awesome article! I’m helping my sister write an online dating profile right now, and this has helped a lot. I especially appreciate your advice about NOT listing qualities you don’t want in a man. It just sounds… unattractive!

  3. Tori Franklin

    I think if women would follow just some of the tips here it would cut down on having to weed through emails and messages that you really do not want!

  4. Kendra

    At first, I was only using 1 or 2 photos, but then I realized that most of the messages were asking about more photos. Once I added them to the photo gallery, the conversation started a lot faster and it really seemed like we were getting somewhere.

  5. Mark

    I agree with most of these tips. In order to make a first impression to me, I do not want to be misled, just tell me about yourself and be honest. That is the best policy.

  6. Shawna

    I have been changing the way that I look at profiles recently. If you do not have more than 3 image, then forget it. This helps me narrow down the prospects right away. I just would like to see the person in three different scenes, it does say a lot about them.

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