Moving In Together 101

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Moving In Together 101

By Guest Blogger Michael James

urlSo you’ve decided to move in together.  Good for you!  Now you can cut your bills in half and use that extra money to fill up all of the closet space in your new place.  But wait, now your closet space will be cut in half.  Uh oh!  Or maybe not?  Read on to learn how to shack-up without shaking your fists.

Value His Personal Space

Guys are wild beasts.  They need room to live, grunt, scratch, and break things.  Be careful not to shrink their personal space down to the size of half a couch cushion.  One of the top complaints from guys who bunk-up with their female love bug is that they’re cramped while relaxing and watching TV.  Sure, cuddle up for a romantic comedy, but when he’s watching the game or his prime-time favorites let him stretch out and enjoy his space.

Keep Your Friends and Family at Bay

Ding Dong!  “Oh hunni I forgot to tell you that Marsha and Brandi and Jess and Sarah and the other Sarah are coming over for wine and to watch the Kardashians.  And my mom too.  And her dog kiki.”  This is nice once or twice a week, but not every day.  Watch out for overloading your boy-toy with impromptu appearances by your friends and family.  He may not be used to the constant entertaining and high-pitched laughter at Kim and family’s escapades.

Privacy Laws

Some things need to be kept private.  Do not make the grave mistake of snooping into everything your man shoves into the back of his underwear drawer, his gym bag, the dark hidden bottom of his closet, or his medicine cabinet.  He needs to have these private areas just as you deserve yours.  After all, you may not enjoy the smell you find when you dig deep enough into his “unmentionables”.

Let Him Decorate, Sometimes

You can veto the giant Scarface poster or a lamp shaped like a butt, but men need to have some input when it comes to decorating your shared pad.  Remember men like big things, outdoors, and gadgets.  Focus him on state-of-the-art kitchen appliances, TVs, sound systems, landscaping, or outdoor furniture.  He will be so overwhelmed that he won’t dare say Yes when you ask him to accompany you to Cracker Barrel or BB&B.

Living together is a big step in a relationship but an important one too.  Many say it is the “make or break” point on the path to marriage.  Luckily you’ve got some insight into the mind of a man and will travel towards the make rather than the break.  And hey if it doesn’t work out, just think of all that new closet space you’ll get.

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