Naughty or Nice? What Type of Man Will You Attract?

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Naughty or Nice?  What Type of Man Will You Attract?

By Guest Blogger Michael James.


Good or bad.  Angel or devil.  Safe or troublesome.  Take a look at those opposites and think of which attributes fit you best.  Are you the girl that can be classified as wholesome, good-natured, and someone that can be proudly displayed to possible in-laws?  The one that shines brightly in any room; always sports a smile and an upbeat attitude; the typical sweetheart.  Or are you the bad girl?  The girl with a bit of an edge on her; the variable that can shoot in any direction at any time; the unpredictable loose cannon that breaks hearts as easily as she wins them.  You probably don’t have to think too long about your classification.  Friends and family accept you as you come, but how does a man perceive you?  What type of man is attracted to a naughty girl and what type gravitates to the nice girl?  This is an important question you need to ask yourself if you continually find dead ends on your dating journey.

Before we discuss the female version, let’s quickly look at men and the famous statement we have all heard before:  Nice guys finish last.  Could this be true?  I can say that in my thirty-plus years I have been both the bad guy and the nice guy.  I had a rough late-teen era that landed me in some hot water.  Deep and hot water.  Tattoos, motorcycles, later and later nights, and even some nights spent in jail.  My attitude reflected my experiences and surroundings.  Luckily I had some good friends who pulled me out of my rut.  I transitioned in my early twenties, and by twenty five I was the proverbial ‘nice guy’.  I had cleaned up my appearance, become a lot more professional with a serious job, and stayed out of trouble.  Speaking from personal experience, nice guys finish first, not last.  It was only when I got my act together and dropped the attitude that I started forging real and meaningful relationships.  My dating and love life during that eight year bad-guy period was downright horrid.  Short relationships with the wrong types of girls.  I got hurt a lot, but mostly because I was also hurting people.  What comes around goes around.

As I took on the role of the good guy I found myself looking more for the good girl than anything else.  Now don’t get me wrong, I was still looking for the good girl when I was a bad guy.  I was actually looking for any girl.  Good or bad.  Naughty or nice.  Didn’t matter.  I was going to end up hurting them all the same.  It was only when I became a good guy that I understood hurting people was not a healthy part of a relationship.  The naughty girl lost her appeal as my priorities changed and the nice girl became much more attractive.  So in my case, the ‘bad guy transformed’, the nice girl shines while the naughty girl is somewhat out of style.

But what about the bad guys who stay bad guys, the good guys who have always been good guys, or the guys who move the opposite direction as I did:  from good to bad.  What are these men looking for?  We can truly sum up everything with one statement:  A man searching for a naughty girl has naughty intentions.  Do not expect a man to be interested in a naughty girl because he wants to morph her into a nice girl.  That only happened once.  It was the plot of Pretty Woman with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts.  That simply doesn’t happen in real life.  The great guy with everything going for him is probably not going to be on the hunt for a girl he can’t bring home to his parents.  He isn’t going to be attracted to the girl that could derail his personal progress or will have trouble knocking at his door.  On the opposite front, the disrespectful man who has received little love throughout his years is more than likely not equipped to offer love to someone else.  He will seek out both naughty and nice but will not have much at all to contribute to any relationship.

Overall, the nice girl wins.  She is the girl who will offer more value to a man who has everything going for him.  She is the one who will bring things to the relationship that will compliment his offerings.   In the world of dating, nice girls finish first.  Nice guys finish first.  To succeed in finding a partner you have to understand how the opposite sex will perceive you and make sure not to finish last.  A mature relationship requires mature people.  Let being naughty run its course and work on being nice.  You’ll quickly see how these dead ends open up into new and bright paths.

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