The #1 Online Dating Tip for Landing a Quality Man Online

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The #1 Online Dating Tip for Landing a Quality Man Online

This online dating tip that will save you months, or even years of being single online.

By Joshua Pompey


But before I share this critical tip that will save you months and possibly years online, I need you to understand something extremely important.  What I’m about to share is absolutely useless if you don’t have an excellent profile and don’t write engaging emails.

Remember though, my free e-book has some of my best online dating tips on these topics, and if you prefer to go the professional route, you could always hire one of my professional profile writers by clicking here.

With that said, my number 1 tip for landing a quality man online is…

Drumroll please…

You need to be the initiator of just about all your email exchanges.  

Were you expecting some mind-blowing and revolutionary advice?  Nope.  It really is that simple, pending you have put together a great profile and learn how to write effective emails.

Some of you might be wondering how this could possibly be my #1 online dating tip? Don’t worry, you didn’t just wasted the last 2 minutes of your life!  Allow me to explain the exact logic of why this will save you months, and often times, years of being single online.

In the online world, the highest quality men receive A LOT of attention.  To put things in perspective, last week alone I received a weekly report from, informing me that I had 31 yes ratings, 21 winks, and 18 emails, 11 likes, and 3 favorites.  I literally had 84 different options to choose from last week!

Why is this important?  Because the highest quality men online are receiving so much attention on a weekly basis, that often times, they don’t perform any searches of their own.

Why would we?  If we have 85 options to choose from in 1 week, are we really going to put all that extra effort into searching for other women?

Just think about how you feel after a long day of work.  Would you feel like going through the tedious process or searching and sending out emails if you were already receiving a bombardment of contacts from men you were interested in?  Of course not.

So what does this mean?  While you might waiting around for a great guy to message you, the irony is, most of them don’t even know you exist because they aren’t even performing searches of their own.

But guess which men are usually initiating with you?  The ones who aren’t getting much attention.  This is why there is such a misconception that there are nothing but creeps and losers online.  While you are waiting for a great guy to contact you first, most of the time, the only men initiating are the leftovers.

This is the biggest reason so many beautiful, amazing, and high quality women wind up on dating sites for years longer than they should.  The quality men are out there in large quantities, you just need to find them!

Although there is a lot of competition out there, the good news is that 99% of woman out there have uninspired profiles and write un-engaging emails.  By putting in a full effort, you will not only rise to the top of the competition, but men will be extremely excited to engage with you.

So starting today, I need you to do me a favor.  I need you to promise me that you are going to put aside a half hour every day to message the type of quality men you deserve.  Deal?  Perfect.

I’ll  be back soon with some amazing online dating tips for all you women out there on the absolute fastest way to attract a man with your photo gallery.  You will not want to miss this critical email.

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