Have you become an excuse girl?

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Have you become the Excuse Girl?

By Joshua Pompey

no-more“There are no good guys online.”

“All the good men my age are taken.”

“The only decent men left just want to date a woman half their age.”

Do any of the above comments sound familiar?  Perhaps these are notions that you have convinced yourself of over time as you’ve braved the online dating scene.  But you need to stop.

Of course many good men are taken by a certain age.  And yes, many men want to date women half there age.  And finally, yes, there are many guys online who just aren’t good guys.

But there are also just as many men who span every age range that are single.  Just as many men who don’t mind dating women half their age or even a little bit older. And just as many men online who are good guys.  Correction, great guys that you’d be proud to introduce to all your friends and family.

Are they easy to attain?  Not always.  Like anything worthwhile in life, if you don’t put in the hard work and effort that it takes to attract these types of men online, then you probably won’t.  Quality men are in high demand and you need to put yourself in the best possible position to land one, the same way you would put yourself in the best position to land a high paying job.

But this is never going to happen if you become just another excuse girl.  Excuse girls find reasons as to why they aren’t happy in relationships, as opposed to pin-pointing what aspects of their online dating life can be improved.   Excuse girls also tend to pin their lack of happiness on society or bad luck.   Excuse girls declare that all men are just out for sex.  Excuse girls wind up developing negative and pessimistic attitudes over time, which will unintentionally reveal itself on a first date, creating a negative impression that will fail to win men over.

You are better than that.  Being single isn’t a defect.  Its either a matter of life-circumstance, timing, or not showing men your best self.  Life happens when it happens.  But until life happens, you need to make sure that you are ready to receive love and fully equipped to attract the type of man you hope to attract.

This means you have taken the effort to write a perfect online dating profile, create an attractive photo gallery, write great online dating emails, perform detailed searches, and perfect your dating skills.  Once these are all perfected, love will find you in time.  But if you haven’t put one hundred percent effort into all these aspects of your life, its time to stop making excuses, and start putting in the work.

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