The Do’s and Don’t of Creating a Photo Gallery

The Do’s and Don’t of Online Dating Profile Pictures

By Joshua Pompey


Do Post Profile Pictures that Are Sexy, Yet Classy

Men are visual creatures and are drawn to looks more than anything else.  A little bit of sexiness will go a long way towards attracting a man’s attention.  But do so in a classy way.

Don’t Post Profile Pictures that Reveal Too Much

Sexy means showing just enough so that a man can see what he is working with, without revealing the entire package.  A little cleavage is good. A little bit of leg, great.  Half your chest hanging out and booty shorts?  Not so much.

Do Post Profile Pictures that Show Value Amongst Other People

Posting pictures with friends, family members, and co-workers, show that you are a likable person who has a lot going on in your life.

Don’t Post Profile Pictures that are Selfies.  Especially in Front of A Mirror

I know some women don’t want to hear this, and millions of online daters are guilty of taking selfies, but this is not the way to go. When guys see these types of pictures, they don’t see class, they see immaturity.

Do Post Profile Pictures that Show Off a Nice Smile

One of the number one qualities men notice when looking at profile pictures is the woman’s smile.  If you have a warm and inviting smile, show it off!  A beautiful smile will go a long ways towards peaking a man’s interest.

Don’t EVER Post Kissy Duck Faces.

Tough love for some of you, but this is immature, lame, and a turnoff.  You won’t land a quality guy filling your profile pictures with teenage pictures of you making duck faces.  Enough said.

Do Post Profile Pictures of Vacations

These photos will not only reveal that you like to travel, but will show that you are the type of women who loves adventure and new experiences. When men see these profile pictures, they see the potential of fun and excitement, not boredom and monotony.

Don’t Post Several Profile Pictures of You Doing Nothing

Five profile pictures of you cropped out by yourself and doing nothing is not telling the right visual story about yourself.  Your photos should combine to tell an interesting story about all of your hobbies, interests, and passions.

Do Post Profile Pictures of Something Unique

A strange, unique, or slightly controversial photo will provide men with an easy reason to message you, increasing the overall amount of first messages that you receive.

Don’t Post Profile Pictures of You Doing Something Offensive 

Unique and mysterious pictures are good.  Offensive and highly controversial pictures, not good.  Save the politically incorrect for after you get to know someone.

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