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o-ONLINE-DATING-facebookWho Are Our Profile Writing Experts?

Our profile writing experts are the best in the business at crafting custom made profiles that are specifically designed to land a quality man.  Since 2009 Joshua Pompey’s team has been writing online dating profiles for clients of all ages, all over the world, at a success rate of over 99%.

Each online dating profile writer is handpicked by Joshua Pompey and put through extensive training before taking on any clients.  All profile writers have an educational background in writing and possess a Master’s Degree level education.  In addition, Joshua Pompey’s entire profile writing staff is comprised solely of the male gender.

Why Are All Our Profile Writers Men?

Long before we launched a profile writing service for women, Joshua Pompey and his male team worked exclusively with male clients.  Despite the fact that our company was only targeting male clients, women consistently requested our services after seeing our success rates, believing that our male experts had more insight into the male mind than any other company.  As it turns out, these women were absolutely correct.

As positive review after positive review came in from women, our company made a deliberate choice to maintain an all male profile writing staff as we expanded towards helping female clients. This is not a knock on women.  Women are extremely talented writers and are just as capable as men in every way.  But we are firm believers that nobody is more qualified to understand how a man thinks than an actual man!

What do we mean when we say our profile writers have a 99% success rate?

While there is no way of following up with every client, we define our success rates by the amount of clients who request a refund on one of our services.  If a client does not request a refund, we assume they are happy with their purchase.

Since 2009, less than five clients have ever requested a refund.  Perhaps even more amazing, since we started writing female profiles several years ago, zero women have requested a refund.  This is why we offer a no strings, full-refund guarantee.  If you don’t like your profile, you receive a full refund, no questions asked, and get to keep the profile.

This may be hard to believe, but there is no catch!  When we first started this offer many years ago, we required six months of dating receipts to receive the refund.  Not anymore.  Our clients have proven over the years to be extremely honest, and with no woman ever requesting a refund, this is not something we worry about!

Are You Ready to Hire One of Our Profile Writing Experts?

If you would like to discuss in more detail how our profile writers can help you land the type of man you are looking to find before making your purchase, contact us anytime at or give us a call at 718-541-0358.  All inquiries will be responded to within 24 hours.

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