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Featured in The Huffington Post, YahooShine, YourTango, Under30CEO, DatingAdvice.Com, and hundreds more of the biggest media outlets in the world, The Online Rules of Love is filled with over 175 pages worth of life changing information.  Downloads straight to any ebook, e-reader, or smart phone within seconds of purchasing.

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Dear Friends,

Let’s face it.  For the average woman, online dating can be extremely frustrating.  In a world filled with creeps manipulators, liars, schemers, womanizers, and the just plain creepy, finding a quality man online is anything but easy.  For those of you who have been online dating long enough, it may even seem downright impossible.

The truth is, receiving messages online for a woman is easy.  No matter who you are, questionable men will come at you in full force online.

But receiving attention from the right kind of men?

The kind of men that are actually worthy of settling down with?

The men who are pursuing you with the right intentions?

That is a whole different story.

Attracting the right kind of man online requires hard work, dedication, and most importantly, a willingness to learn.  Online dating is a unique world that requires a whole different skill-set from meeting men in real life.  If you want to succeed, you need to equip yourself with the right knowledge.

This is what my new e-book, The Online Rules of Love Will Teach You.  After hearing countless women complain that online dating has been nothing but an exhausting process in which they will never meet a quality man, I have decided to put together this manual as the ultimate solution to the difficulties women face online.

Filled with over 175 pages worth of knowledge that I have been acquiring for years, you will receive the ultimate collection of rules that every woman should follow in every aspect of her online dating life, from creating a profile, to writing emails, to using the phone pre and post first dates, to having a successful dating life.  The knowledge in the book took me years to acquire and is now yours to own, follow, and live by.  Follow my rules, and I can all but guarantee you the success you are looking for online.

What Makes Me So Qualified to Help You?

In a business filled with pretenders and scammers that provide impractical advice, I have the world wide recognition, expertise, testimonials, and a ninety nine percent success rate to back me up.  But forget all that.  What makes me truly qualified to help you better than anyone else is that for nearly four years I worked exclusively with male online daters.

Working exclusively with men for all that time has provided me with an insight into the mind of a male online dater that puts me in a league of my own as far as understanding exactly how to land the perfect man online.  I know how men think, feel, and react online better than just about anyone walking this earth.

I have spent nearly every day of my life for nearly half a decade living, breathing, and thinking about online dating, relationships, and how to help people build meaningful connections.  Regardless of your age, gender, or background, with the right amount of dedication, we will find and form meaningful connections together.


testimonial2“Joshua Pompey is recognized around the world as an expert in the field of online dating and relationships… offers online dating tips, online dating guides for men and custom-made profiles. With his detail-oriented advice, Pompey breaks down each online dating subject so the steps to success are easy to follow and the goals are actually attainable.” – Dating Advice.Com

“Ok Josh. I just wanted to say I feel like such an idiot after reading your book!  Haha Just kidding but seriously, I’m learning so much, thank you!!  - Christine  Columbus, Ohio

“For all you women who are sick and tired of these CREEPS online then read the online rules of love.  As Joshua points out… you are still going to get creepy emails (seriously what is wrong with some of these men!) no matter what you do but ever since reading this book the amount of good ones of have contacted me as well have been overwhelming.  Without naming names I met a great guy after reading this book and thinks going PERFECT.  Knock on wood for now.  Read this book trust me! – Janine, Portland

“My first three dates online had me fearing for my life.  I honestly almost quit online dating.  After researching on google for a little help I somehow came across Joshua’s book.  Since reading his book and hiring him as a coach I’ve had the most amazing experience online.  It has been an exciting experience to say the least.  I’ve read other dating advice but he really gets it.  Thanks Joshua and good luck to everyone out there!  - Colorado Springs

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