Our All Time Favorite Testimonial

Our All Time Favorite Testimonial


I’ve received countless testimonials over the years.   Now don’t get me wrong.  Each and every testimonial is greatly appreciated. Without all my positive feedback I wouldn’t be where I am today.

But sometimes I receive feedback from a client that is so special, it truly reminds me that this is more than just a business.   Peoples lives are truly being changed.  I’d like to thank Paula for the kind feedback and allowing me to use this testimonial.  As a courtesy to Paula, I did not impose on her permission to use her photo, nor did I ask to use her last name, although I’m sure she would have said yes.

The Email Prior to Paula’s Testimonial:

Good Morning,

I have read the site and it is all very true. I don’t really attract the men I would really like to. I have emailed a man that I was very interested in and did it all wrong. He finally emailed me back after a witty banter note I sent him, but ended it by informing me that our distance may be the issue. The real issue was my profile, photos, and email.

I never thought this would be so hard. I was married 26 years and hard to figure this out and it is harder than I thought. The past few years financially have been difficult. I have two daughters and so for the past 4 years, the girls and I have stayed close by for vacations. Hard to take photos of great places when financially, I can’t just do it like our past vacations.

I gave my career up for being a stay home mom, then when I divorced, it was hard to get back on my feet and start up the ladder again. So starting a new career all over again and also have two daughters to afford was very challenging. So needless to say we were not able to go all those fancy places.

Unfortunately, I am unable to sign up for your profile writing service but at least got a little information. I deserve to be happy with a great guy, I have been through a lot, its just hard writing it all down to get their attention and perk their interests without sounding desperate and like a goof.  After a while, when all you get all the scary men (that I block) your self esteem kind of goes down hill.

I did write down all your tips and hopefully I can find someone nice. I think I blew it with the first guy…I really had hopes!! Even writing your first email and responding back and making sure you don’t sound desperate and stupid is just challenging. This is way harder than I thought!! :(  Thank you for all the information :)

You guys are great!!

After receiving this testimonial, I was so flattered and affected by Paula’s kind words, that I decided to write a profile for her free of charge.  Here is what she had to say upon seeing her new profile…


WOW!!!! That was great!! So awesome!! I have tears in my eyes!!  I have been through a lot but I am thankful and blessed every day for my daughters, friends, and all I have accomplished by myself raising two daughters.

I can’t thank you enough, you made me sound incredible. I will put up new photos and maybe reach out to that first guy with a nice little email (hopefully he will read it because I came up looking desperate and trying way to hard to be nice and he turned me down….all like you explained on your site). Maybe with some nice photos and that terrific profile, I will get his attention. Haha  Just a first date maybe :)

You defiantly know your business!!

Thanks so much and bless you for helping me out! :)


Want to change your life the way Paula’s was instantly changed?

Since 2009, less then five people have ever requested a refund on one of our custom made profiles.  Our staff is simply that good. Visit our profile writing staff now to learn how you could have your own profile made today!

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