Should You Be Outsourcing your dating life?

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Should You Be Outsourcing Your Dating Life?

By Joshua Pompey

These days people outsource jobs for just about anything.   Need your house cleaned?  Hire a cleaning lady.  Need your car fixed?  Hire a mechanic?  Need your online dating life fixed?  Hire a professional online dater!  Wait, did he just say hire a professional online dater?  That’s right.  That may sound a little strange at first, but why not!

For over two years I have been personally taking over the online dating accounts of women all over the world, logging onto their accounts as if I am them, performing searches daily, and writing emails that will secure and land dates with the highest quality men on the Internet.   Consider me a hired gun in the online dating world.

But the question is, how has this worked out so far?  For starters, no client has ever requested a refund on the service.  I’d say that is very demonstrative of the success this program has had to say the least.  But perhaps even better, long term relationships continue to be forged nearly every month with different clients.   Although specific client stories are confidential, success rates have been off the charts.  Since experimenting with this service over two years ago, we have expanded our staff and launched into a separate company on 5th Avenue.

Why is this service so effective?  Because online dating is like a full time job.  If you don’t set a dedicated amount of time aside towards finding success, which includes logging on five days a week, performing dedicated searches, and constantly initiating conversations, most of you will find yourself struggling on these sites for years.

This is because the highest quality men on these sites are being bombarded with messages every single day.  If you wait for men to find you, you are simply going to receive messages from the leftovers and nothing more.  In addition, your messages need to be witty and your profile needs to be on point.  Guys will not take notice unless you give them a good reason to take notice.  These are all things we take care of for you as a V.I.P. client.

At the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with hiring a professional to take care of your personal needs.  And what could possibly be a bigger and more important personal need than making yourself happy through a fulfilled dating life, relationship, or even marriage and children.  This is the goal of Next Evolution Matchmaking, and I would love for all of you to check it out.  To see all the amazing things we are doing, and how the service works, visit this page now for plenty of information.

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