Is Physical Fitness a Determinant of Your Online Success?

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Is Physical Fitness a Determinant of Your Online Success?

By Joshua Pompey


Let’s face it.  There are millions of men walking this earth with all types of preferences, desires, and fetishes when it comes to women. By no means is there any shortage of men out there who appreciate women with a curvier or heavy set frame.

But with that said, there are large a variety of reasons why you may want to hit the gym or start a workout routine, regardless of whether or not appearing skinny is your number one priority.  A few extra days at the gym per week could drastically alter your online dating success, as well as your life success in general.

1.  The endorphins.

Breaking a sweat is chemically proven to release feel good endorphins.  Feel good endorphins leads to more confidence.  More confidence leads to more confident dating, which leads to more second dates, which ultimately, leads to more relationships.  Everything has a trickle down effect.

2.  The biological benefits.

Biologically, men are wired to feel an attraction towards women who present the best chances of producing a healthy baby.  These are subconscious instincts that are built into men genetically.  The more healthy a woman appears, the more a man will naturally  and instinctively feel an attraction towards her.

3.  The external benefits.

Yes, there are many men out there who prefer women that are heavier than what society deems average.  But if we are being completely honest, the amount of men who prefer someone is in shape is overwhelmingly larger.  The more fit you are, the more of a dating pool you will have to choose from.

4.  The increased commonalities.

When you take on a variety of hobbies that involve exercising, you will naturally have more options as a couple.  Whether you decide to hit the gym more, go on a long hike, take up cycling, engage in water sports, or any number of other physical activities, these will all add up to more interests you can share with a partner as well.

5.  The sense of accomplishment.

Forget dating.  Forget endorphins.  Forget health.  There is something to be said about chasing down and achieving new goals. Joining a gym and setting weekly, monthly, and yearly goals will have you feeling like an overall more accomplished person when you eventually hit those goals.   And when you do hit them, keep setting new goals!

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