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Founded by the world’s best online dating expert, this service has been featured on Good Morning America, The Huffington Post, CNBC, Askmen, YahooTV, AARP, and hundreds more of the biggest media outlets in the world.

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Why choose our profile writing service?

Located on 5th Avenue in the heart of New York City, since 2009 Joshua Pompey’s profile writing team has developed a pristine reputation as the best in the business, serving clients all over the world. While many imitators have emerged over the years, no company matches our world wide media recognition, unparalleled customer feedback, and outstanding writing credentials.

Our services have been featured on Good Morning America, AskMen.Com, The Huffington Post, J-date, YahooTV, The Boston Globe, and dozens more of the biggest media outlets in the world.  Founder Joshua Pompey was even named by Australia’s #1 morning show as “The best online dater in the world” for the online dating skills he has acquired over the years.

But perhaps most importantly, less than 1% of customers have ever asked for a re-write or refund on this service.  In fact, the number can be counted on one hand. Our staff is simply that good, and strives each and every day to maintain this unparalleled success rate with its unwavering dedication to success.

Why is hiring one of our professionals the best investment you will ever make? 

In the online world, quality men are few and far between.  With countless women competing for the same men, a one of a kind profile is absolutely critical to your success. You may be an amazing woman, but none of this matters if you don’t know how to effectively express your best qualities and what you are looking for through the written word.  Writing and online dating are an art form.  Our experts specialize in both.

My highly trained professionals are masterful at taking your best qualities, hobbies, and experiences, and highlighting them in ways that are extremely desirable to quality men, all while staying true to who you are at your core.   Hiring our professionals is the equivalent of having the best marketing team in the world on your payroll.  By the time my profile writing experts are finished working one on one with you, your best self will be revealed in ways that even the most sought after men can’t resist.  Hiring one of the world’s best professionals isn’t just an investment in a profile, its an investment in your time, happiness, and future.

What separates us from every other profile writing service?

Nobody understands how quality men think, feel, and experience attraction better than our staff.  This is because our profile writing team worked exclusively with men for nearly four years before writing female profiles, providing us with lifetimes of knowledge and experience that can’t be replicated.  These days our female clients now double our male clients. While we have no doubt that women have the ability to write great profiles, we are firm believers that nobody has more insight into how a man thinks and behaves than an actual man, and for that reason, maintain an exclusively male staff.

How does the process work once purchasing my profile?

  1. Download a questionnaire that will help our experts to completely assess your unique personality.
  2. Answer the questions at your own convenience.  There is no expiration date.
  3. Email your responses back to your profile writing expert, along with any photos you would like our team to look at.
  4. Your custom made profile will be completed within 3 business days.

Prefer to complete the process over the phone?   No problem.  Give us a call anytime at 1-888-511-0645 and we will accommodate all your needs.

  Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 5.43.56 PMWhat exactly does this service include?

  • A custom made profile designed to use on any site
  • Expert photo analysis and review
  • Lifetime pass for photo analysis and review (once you are a customer, you can send pictures to our experts for life)
  • Free revisions and re-writes if necessary
  • One weeks worth of free coaching with Joshua Pompey (a value of 99.99)
  • A free phone consultation before and after your profile is made (If requested)
  • A copy of Joshua Pompey’s book, The Online Rules of Love (a value of $29.99)
  • A full refund guarantee with no hidden return fees (Don’t like your profile?  No problem.  We will send you a full refund)

100-PERCENT-GUARANTEE-150x150All of our products and services stand behind a 100%, full-refund guarantee

Can’t make a decision on which profile writing service to choose?  Well our service is a risk free offer so try us out first.  We are confident you will love our work, but if for some reason you don’t, email us your receipts and you will receive a full refund with no hidden return fees.  You can then take that money and try a different service, putting all the risk on our shoulders.   Considering less than a handful of customers have requested a refund in more than half a decade, this is not something we worry about!  We trust our clients to be honest, and they haven’t let us down yet.

Have questions or want a free profile evaluation?

Our staff is dedicated to providing the best customer service experience possible.  Call us anytime at 1-888-511-0645, or fill out this form for a free profile writing evaluation. We’d be glad to assist you in any way possible.

So what are you waiting for?  Change your life with our risk free offer!

The biggest mistake singles make is sitting back and waiting for life to happen.  You need to be proactive with your dating life and the online dating profile is the foundation of your success. Nobody has the success rates, media recognition, and longevity of success that our profile writing staff has. Don’t settle one more day for an unfulfilled love life and start living your dream life today!  

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100% Real Testimonials – A few of our favorites…

Most sites just make up a bunch of testimonials.  Not us.  We always ask for feedback to help future clients make an informed decision. Below are just a few of the hundreds we have received over the years.  Click any of the names below to read the corresponding testimonials.

I also have to tell you the profile you wrote is awesome!  Any clue how much activity I’m getting?  One guy even told me mine was the best profile out there!  Can you believe that?  I’m totally happy with the profile and the response has been overwhelming.   In fact, after reading it I want to contact me!  LOL  Now that’s a great profile!”


Terri, Shell Beach

“…You really are great fun to work with. BTW, if you ever have a potential client “on the fence”, I would be glad to be an enthusiastic “reference” for your services!” Rachel, Menlo Park

wow wow wow.  You are the bomb Mr. Pompey!   You totally nailed it.   I am ecstatic and moved at the same time.   I have been trying to get my profile upstraight honestly for years.  Thank you for “getting me.”  I have had my profile professionally done twice previously to no avail.  Crickets and more crickets.

I stopped writing anyone six months ago.   I SOOOOOOOO  appreciate your prowess in this area and having you work personally on my profile.   You are very gifted!  So nice to see a man on his mission.   I am immediately sending two others your way.  I will also send an email blast to a new york community.  I belong to with several thousand members.  Hopefully this will send a few others your way as well. – Marisa NY, NY 

My profile is very beautiful and well done and I’m very happy at how well it portrays me. I could not have said it better than that :) and I don’t want anything changed .I’m very excited to move forward this gives me a great rush of confidence and hope. Thanks again and great job.! Hugs – Joanna, London
Josh!!! WOW!!!! That was great!! So awesome!! I have tears in my eyes!!  I have been through a lot but I am thankful and blessed every day for my daughters, friends, and all I have accomplished by myself raising two daughters. I can’t thank you enough, you made me sound incredible. I will put up new photos and maybe reach out to that first guy with a nice little email (hopefully he will read it because I came up looking desperate and trying way to hard to be nice and he turned me down….all like you explained on your site). Maybe with some nice photos and that terrific profile, I will get his attention. Haha  Just a first date maybe :) You defiantly know your business!! Thanks so much and bless you for helping me out! :) Paula
OMG! You are an amazing writer……………I do really like it. Thank you so much!! – Laura, Austin
“Fantastic, Adam, thank you!! It’s so much better than what I have now. :) Also thanks for the advice on the pics. With my new profile, I should definitely have some more matches emailing me.” – Geralyn, CA
“Thank you so much for your help! I haven’t put the profile to the test yet but I think you did an amazing job! I appreciate the help :) …. (After asking if this could be used as a testimonial…)Please feel free to use my response below as a testimonial, I am really happy with what you put together way less stressful this way too lol. – Elizabeth. Abington, MA
Thank you very much for the great profile and doing that so quickly. It’s amazing how you’ve managed to say it all in a much more interesting way – much better than what I had drafted :) . I look forward to seeing the responses I get with it. Warm regards, Pam. – Pam, Ontario, Canada
I never wrote back to thank you! you have done a wonderful job. Now to get my courage up to do this! I have some lovely photos taken……casual, my own make-up and clothes and very much me. thanks again! – Julie, Boulder
“Joshua Pompey is recognized around the world as an expert in the field of online dating and relationships… With his detail-oriented advice, Pompey breaks down each online dating subject so the steps to success are easy to follow and the goals are actually attainable.” – DatingAdvice.Com
OMG!!  I love what you has done with my profile!! Thank you so much – Minerva, Miami
In reference to Joshua Pompey: “The World’s Number One Online Dater.” – Weekend Sunrise
“Wow.  This profile is way better than anything I ever could have wrote!  You guys are awesome!!!  Just one quick question…” – Theresa. Bridgeport, Connecticut
“Joshua Pompey is the premier online dating expert.  Hands down.” – Jesse
“Seriously, this is amazing!  Thank you so much!!  Do you mind if I send a couple of more pictures for you to look at?  I can’t wait to get this thing up…”  - Christine, Akron, Ohio




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