Should Men Still Be Expected to Call

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Should Men Still Be Expected to Call?

Dear Joshua,

After being out of the dating scene for a whopping ten years, I’ve recently gotten back into the dating game and have started to notice that guys never seem to pick up the phone and call me anymore.  No matter how great the date goes or how interested a man seems to be in me, its always a never ending series of text messages until the next date.  I know I haven’t dated in close to ten years and you may think that I am being extremely old fashioned… but I’m 42 years old and still think that if a man REALLY likes you then he should pick up the phone and give you a call every once in a while.  Am I being crazy or are my standards for what I expect of a man just way too high?


Missing the old days

Dear Missing the old days,

I too sometimes yearn for the good old days of the past, back when The Spice Girls reigned supreme and The Fat Boys dominated the rap charts.  Okay scratch that. I really don’t yearn for those days at all.  But I do sometimes miss the good old days when life seemed simpler and free of worries.  Ah the good old days when male rock bands were prettier than women, terrorism didn’t dominate the airways, and technology wasn’t all the all consuming force that it is now.

But let’s face it.  Times have changed and dating is no exception to this.  In a day and age where texting dominates the social interactions of nearly all our lives, it has become the norm in dating as well.  If a man doesn’t pick up the phone to call you in 2016, it doesn’t mean he isn’t interested in a relationship or doesn’t like you enough to call, he is just going by the rules that this era has set out for him, so don’t take it personally.  People are busy these days.  There are more distractions, more work obligations, and more means of communicating with others.  For all of these reasons, texting has become the communication of choice in between dates, as well as prior to dates.

The good news is that men will still pick up to make phone calls, but in many cases, this doesn’t come until you are well on your way to dating exclusively or have formed a really strong and comfortable connection.  Until that day comes, don’t stress over whether or not a man picks up the phone to call you.  For better or worse, texting is the dominate way men court women prior to relationships in the modern era, so you will just have to get used to it!

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