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I also have to tell you the profile you wrote is awesome!  Any clue how much activity I’m getting?  One guy even told me mine was the best profile out there!  Can you believe that?  I’m totally happy with the profile and the response has been overwhelming.   In fact, after reading it I want to contact me!  LOL  Now that’s a great profile!”

Terri, Shell Beach

I love it!! Thanks sooooooo much! Let’s see if I meet some wonderful men with this amazing profile now!! Lol.
Cheers, Kate

Kate, Ontario

OMG! You are an amazing writer……………I do really like it. Thank you so much!!” -

Laura, Austin

Ok Josh. I just wanted to say I feel like such an idiot after reading your book! Haha Just kidding but seriously, I’m learning so much, thank you!!”

- Christine Columbus, Ohio

Thanks for the profile update from last Friday.  I think you hit the nail on the head.  I especially loved the one disqualifier…hilarious!  I may ask for feedback on photos once I upload everything.

- Jeanine Round Valley, Utah

I got the profile you wrote.  You certainly do know your stuff.  It was very sweet of you to say that I seem “extremely interesting, well-rounded, and nice” & that you had a tough time choosing between my “great qualities”.  I’ve never really seen myself that way before, and I’m not 100% sure you’re not just being very polite, but it was a lovely compliment to receive, so thank you. :-)

- Jessie, Daytona

I have such a hard time trying to show someone the elements of my personality & things I like in words, but in a few paragraphs you somehow managed to capture the parts I struggle with the most – the fun, flirty, outgoing, adventurous side; and you did it without being over the top, or coming off cheesy or artificial.  Most importantly, you really captured what I’m truly on a dating site for, and all without sounding corny or desperate.  You have a gift, and I thank you for sharing it with me.

Jac, Florida

Hi Joshua, Thank you for taking the time to write my profile yourself, it’s greatly appreciated. I love the profile, you’ve done a fantastic job; it far exceeds anything I could have done myself. Thank you again for your time & the profile. Kind regards,

Jen - Sydney, Australia

Hey Joshua, Thank you for the amazing profile :) Happy New Year!

Jo, Santa Monica

You really are great fun to work w/.   BTW, if you ever have a potential client “on the fence”, I would be glad to be an enthusiastic “reference” for your services!

Rachel, Menlo Park

Amy, Washington

“Hi and thank you so much, that was actually very quick!  This is a great profile with perfect English ;) , I would never have been able to come up with that.   I will try it tonight, I feel it will definitely help avoid time wasters.”

Sandie, U.K.


Thanks that sounds like me…. I just don’t write that good I love it…

Hana, Pasadena

Thanks for the amazing profile (big confidence booster). You knocked it out of the park! I attached…

Thanks again for all your help!

Agnes, Thailand

Thank You!!! I like it a lot. Regards.

Veronica Gaithersburg, Maryland

Hi.  I just read my profile. Now I know I’m not suppose to reply so quick to emails once I sign up on dating site and start to get emails, but this is different :)  You are like what my Caricaturist is on a blank canvas. Amazingly talented and have captured my essence in scripture.   I’m very impressed with it! You managed to tap on many aspects of me.  First off reading the message you wrote regarding doing my profile yourself. Thank you for that. It made me smile, laugh and teary eyed. God hear you!   In having read your ebook and doing so again for the 2nd time, I see the rules and tips you suggest appear in my Profile.  I give it a 99.9%. Only one thing I would change slightly…. I’m going on vacation at the end of the month(My other big 4.0 gift from my friends and clients) to recharge and prepare to move forward and start the next phase of my Life Journey.  I might not be completely ready for what’s to come but at least My Profile will be the foundation to let the world know who I am.

May God bless you and your Business as well!

Roxanne - Queens

This is terrific!!!  Like, really great! Thank you!

- Marry, Traverse City MI

tracy “Looks great thanks! What about the headline?”

- Tracy, Newport, CA


Thanks Joshua!  The profile sounds great!!  I posted it today with a couple  minor tweaks. Thanks again!

- 'Beth, Olympia, WA


Hi!  Thank you so much for the profile, it’s great!  Do you happen to have any suggestions for a name for my profile?

- Shaunessy, Cincinnati

Thank you Joshua!  I appreciate your time helping me write a fantastic profile.  I found it fun and intriguing.  I will keep you posted on how men respond to it.  I will recommend your services to my friends and clients.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Lisa, OakBrook
Dear Joshua,  Thank you very much.  Love the profile!  Sincerely,  Carol
Carol - Manhattan


Hey Joshua, This is great! Thanks for doing such a great job. Quick questions:

Cynthia - Bridgewater

It’s great! Thank you so much Joshua. I’m going to have a great time out there!

Beth - Long Island


Thank you for your kind words and great profile.  I appreciate it.  This is 1,000 times better than what I could ever come up with.  Of course that’s why people come to you!

Barb, Cleveland
Thank you very much.  I love the profile!
Kelly - Wisconson

Thanks for getting the profile back to me so soon, Joshua!  Laughing  What a difference from the typical mundane writing style!  I will post tomorrow night on both web-sites and will let you know how it goes.  Jeanne, Albuquerque

Jeanne - Albuquerque

Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly! You did a GREAT job on my profile!:) For not knowing me, it was quite impressive. Again, THANK YOU for all of your help! When I have a chance I will check out your new website.

Ann Marie, Louisiana

For all you women who are sick and tired of these CREEPS online then read the online rules of love. As Joshua points out… you are still going to get creepy emails (seriously what is wrong with some of these men!) no matter what you do but ever since reading this book the amount of good ones of have contacted me as well have been overwhelming. Without naming names I met a great guy after reading this book and thinks going PERFECT. Knock on wood for now. Read this book trust me!

Janine, Portland

Thank you so much for the excellent profile that you wrote! Your profile is surely more interesting and fun than mine! I truly appreciate your honest suggestions on my profile scarring people away, and you help with picking the photos.

Ching, Syracuse

Hey Joshua,

Wow – the profile you wrote for me is amazing!  It’s absolutely jumping off the page!  It really captures my personality, and I’m soooo excited to try it out.  :)  I’ve already sent my profile to friends, saying “Check this out!”, and highly recommending you. 
- Helen, California


Hi, Joshua,  I LOVE IT!!… I’m so glad I have knowledgable to ask questions lol…  I will work on the pics and email them… It might be a few days though (hope that’s ok?)  Thank you SO much for the written profile piece!  You’re amazing :)  Seriously thank you!!  I’ll be emailing you soon.

Katie, Tuscon

Omg…I love it!!! Thank you so much!!! I can’t wait to post this!!!

Jodi, Oklahoma

Joshua, Thank you so much for the wonderfully written profile! It looks great, you have a gift for writing…. Again, thanks for the well written profile I really appreciated your help you were able to succinctly summarize my profile and make it exciting and enticing.

Lisa - Phoenix, Arizona

Thank you so much for a great profile.  This will help me transition back into the dating world much easier.   I appreciate your condolences and well wishes.  I never dreamed I would be dating again.  Now I have to finding a dating site worthy of my great profile.

Renee - Oklahoma City

Hi, You did a really great job–well done!! Thanks, Willow

- Willow, Northern California

Thank you so much!  You make me sound so amazing. :)

Holly, Bloomington

That has got to be the coolest description of me ever! LOL Thank you soooo much! I’ll be in touch once I get some acceptable pictures :P

- Felicia. New Jersey

So exciting!! Thank you! I have a few questions: …. Really, Joshua, I cannot thank you enough for your expertise – it will help me ramp-up my game!! LOL!!!!!

- Ellen, Boston

My first three dates online had me fearing for my life. I honestly almost quit online dating. After researching on google for a little help I somehow came across Joshua’s book. Since reading his book and hiring him as a coach I’ve had the most amazing experience online. It has been an exciting experience to say the least. I’ve read other dating advice but he really gets it. Thanks Joshua and good luck to everyone out there!

- Gia, Colorado Springs

Hi Joshua, Thanks for the great profile!! I love it!

- Nancy, Texas

Josh,  It looks great ….will post it tonight and keep you posted.  Thank you,  Sandy

- Sandy, Michigan

Here’s a little testimonial for your new website Joshua. I owe you!! When I first came to New York City I was shocked at the amount of men that seemed un-datable. I turned to online dating figuring that this would be a better means to and end for me. Wrong! Biggest city in the world and I couldn’t seem to find a guy that wasn’t trying to get me into bed within ten minutes of ordering appetizers. To make a long story short, I found Joshua on the Huffington Post and my life has never been the same since. His coaching is so straightforward and easy to follow but its just so on point. Me and my new boyfriend that I met on Match couldn’t be happier. Ten months later and we are already talking about moving in together. I highly recommend everyone reads the online rules but the coaching is absolutely amazing if you can budget it. Thanks you SO much Joshua for everything you’ve done for me and I will be in touch!

- Holly, Irving Texas

Wow. This profile is way better than anything I ever could have wrote! You guys are awesome!!! Just one quick question…

Theresa - Bridgeport, Connecticut

This looks great! I have a few suggestions (I cannot help it, but it will only be some tweaks) …. thanks so much again!

Cornelia, NY

My profile is very beautiful and well done and I’m very happy at how well it portrays me. I could not have said it better than that :) and I don’t want anything changed .I’m very excited to move forward this gives me a great rush of confidence and hope. Thanks again and great job.!

Hugs - Joana, London

Thanks so much for the profile! It has so much energy and it really made me laugh to see it. I love the phrase, … I felt so deflated when I saw the Match profile, and feel so glad now that I came across your website.

-Eileen Maryland

Thank you so much for your help! I haven’t put the profile to the test yet but I think you did an amazing job! I appreciate the help :) …. (After asking if this could be used as a testimonial…)Please feel free to use my response below as a testimonial, I am really happy with what you put together way less stressful this way too lol.

- Elizabeth. Abington, MA

I’ve always considered myself an interesting person but when I read my profile I almost wanted to date myself! lol These guys are impressive I gotta say. They took my information and worded all my best features in a way that just made me look absolutely amazing. I’m getting so many more messages from cute guys that I’m ACTUALLY INTERESTED IN these days.

Allison, Coral Springs, Florida

Hi Joshua, Thank you for writing my profile. It made me smile. I guess I am not as boring as I thought! :) Thanks again. Have a great night.

-Tugba, Tuscan

Oh my god, yes I love it thank you!!! This is so impressive. I’ll keep you all posted on how it turns it thank you for asking!

- Corey, Washington

The Fool Proof Source In Online Dating, Legit, and the future front runner in online dating advice

- Kelly Sowell, Matchmaker

“Joshua Pompey is the premier online dating expert. Hands down.

– Jesse, Founder of Loveopolis.

Seriously, this is amazing! Thank you so much!! Do you mind if I send a couple of more pictures for you to look at? I can’t wait to get this thing up…

- Christine, Akron, Ohio

Hi Joshua! Thank you so much for the awesome profile! I can’t wait to update my info!!! Have a great day!

- McKenzie, Studio City CA

WOW!! This is WONDERFUL!! Thank you soooo much!! :) It was so hard to write about myself.

- Kristie, NJ

Working with you has been an amazing experience. I really could have never done this without you. Never thought I’d say this but I actually really like online dating now. A little too much :/ …. Haha!… So anyway here’s what happened Saturday night…

- Jamie, Del Ray

Joshua, I am in LOVE with my profile. You were able to capture me from start to finish. I am floored, you did a wonderful job! Thanks

- Theresa, Indiana

Hi Joshua, Thank you so much for writing my profile personally – it was definitely more lively and engaging than my previous one!! I just made it live so fingers crossed…

-Kirsten, Denver

Thanks for profile rewrite. Sounds great. I have already added profile to a few of the sites and hope that it will attraction better suitors.

- Tina, Yuma, AZ

By the way….the profile is great. I hardly recognize the person you are describing. Thanks so much!

- Debbie, St Louis

Hello Joshua :) Awwww thank you very much for your kind words you are amazing ! LOVE the profile thank you

- Isabel, Chicago

Joshua, thank you sooo much for the great bio. I absolutely love it. I’m going to give a try and put myself on Match and see what happens. If I get confused with all the dating I’ll definitely will contact you and try to get you to help me. I’ll definitely will spread the world about you among my clients. – Thank you again

OMG!! I love what you has done with my profile!! Thank you so much.

- Minerva, Miami

Thank you so much! That is absolutely fantastic. All the best,

- Evelyn, Edmonton

This is *awesome * joshua, thank you! Can I send you a testimonial in about a month when I can report improvements? Let me know, and thank you again!

- Katherine, Massachusets

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