The Twelve Dates of Christmas – Part 1

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The Twelve Dates of Christmas – Part 1

By Guest Blogger Mike James

The Twelve Dates of Christmas By Michael James


We all know how the song The Twelve Days of Christmas goes. Each day starts with your true love giving you an incredible gift. What the song doesn’t tell you is how to court that gift bearing love machine. Before you can reap the benefits of your “Geese-a-Laying” or “Maids-a-Milking” you will need to experience The 12 Dates of Christmas. Let’s run through a dozen date ideas for the Christmas season.

1.  The Local and Festive Christmas Tree.

This may only be available in limited places, but I can tell you from growing up in New York City that the quintessential date spot is visiting the tree at Rockefeller Center. Ice skating, staring at a tree with thousands of light bulbs, and the smell of corner-sold hot dogs. Love is in the air.

2.  Skiing.

For most parts north of the equator, Christmas time comes with snow. Wherever you have snow, you have someone trying to slide down it on skis, a snowboard, or a garbage pail   lid. Let’s forego the lid and look for a nice ski date. A stay at a lodge with adventurous days and cozy nights by the fire sounds perfect for this time of year.

3.  Winter Picnic.

While we’re talking about the fluffy white stuff we might as well talk about the elusive winter picnic. When thinking picnic, most people picture a sunny day at the park. Do not overlook the atmosphere created by a field of pure white snow. Bundle up for a snowball fight, a snowman / snowwoman building contest, and some hot chocolate.

4.  Caroling.

Okay hold on. You mean carol as in sing?! Yes, that carol. Not Carol at the dry cleaners or Carol the dog walker. Carol, the act of going around your neighborhood and serenading the townspeople with your lovely voice. The point of this date is to walk, talk, laugh, and feel good with each other. You may be surprised at just how great this one turns out.

5.  Family Christmas Dinner.

Reserved for those who wish to propel the relationship to another level. If you each celebrate Christmas, make it a point to split the day evenly between your two families. Be certain to make it known within each family that a significant other will be joining.  A successful Christmas dinner visit will allow you to consider your relationship far more advanced than most.

6.  Ugly Sweater Party.

No one really knows how or why people began gathering around the holidays to wear terrible sweaters. It may just be an instinct set in humans for thousands of years. Nevertheless, some of the best holiday parties involve odd green reindeers backed with fuzzy red felt; giant turtle necks that swallow normal sized necks. Host a party with your sweetheart or attend one as a pair. Try a his & her themed sweater to solidify your spot in the hall of fame of weird couple photos.

Stay tuned for six more dating ideas for Christmas.  In the mean time, check out this article on how to write online dating pick up lines, along with some of the best pick up lines you can use right now.  Click here to read them now.


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