The Twelve Dates of Christmas Part 2

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The 12 Dates of Christmas Part 2

By Guess blogger Mike James


Below is a continuation of 12 great dating ideas you can go on this Christmas

1.  Toy Drive

Christmas time is the time of year to help those in need. Sponsor or organize a toy drive with your partner and this will turn into multiple dates and conversations about how to deliver joy to some less fortunate children in your area. Visit local businesses to leave collection boxes, put up flyers, and collect donations together.

2.  Christmas Play

Many theaters will hold Christmas-themed plays or shows throughout the month of December. A quick internet search would generate a heap of different musicals, events, play, or shows that can be incorporated into a dinner-date night. Make sure to plan well in advance to avoid the financial burden of last-minute ticket purchases. You certainly do not want high expenses to ruin what should be a fun and enjoyable experience.

3.  Early Christmas List.

Perhaps one of my favorite Christmas-time dates is the early Christmas list. Take your partner to a toy store or a store that sells games. You each write down at least three toys or games that you would want and give the list to your partner. Split up and agree to meet at the registers in fifteen minutes. You will each pick out at least one game from the other person’s list and buy it for them. Head home for a night of games and laughs.

4.  Christmas Baking, Followed by Christmas Eating

There are dozens of ideas for Christmas cookies, Christmas cakes, and gingerbread houses with entire towns of families that taste of cinnamon. Honey balls, candy canes, and anything with red and green sprinkles can turn a date into a fun and creative night. Of course always remember the purpose of baking: to eat what you’ve made. Try some egg nog with a bit of spiced rum and dig in to your creations.

5.  Christmas Photo Session

Hire a photographer or maybe just ask one of your friends who has a nice camera to take pictures of you and your partner. You can keep the pictures for yourselves or turn them into a Christmas card to be sent to friends and family. Nowadays it is sometimes more convenient to post one single picture to a social media account and tag your partner. Whichever you choose, make it a fun and stress-free event.

6.  Secret Santa.

We saved the best for last. You’ll need to convince your partner to divert the $100 that would normally be spent on dinner, movies, snacks, and drinks, and to spend that money on complete strangers. Get with your partner to find inexpensive gifts that you buy together. Some ideas are one-size-fits-all Christmas socks, Christmas tree ornaments, funny Christmas cards, small trinkets or toys from the dollar store, or anything else that you can get for a buck or two.  Hot coffee, donuts, bagels, or any baked treats all work.  Make your way to a crowded public place and (with a smile) hand out the gifts you’ve purchased. Enjoy the time spent with your partner making other people happy. It will bring you together in a way you could never have imagined.


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