7 Ways to Weed Out the Wrong Guys Online

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7 Ways to Weed Out the Wrong Guys Online

By Joshua Pompey

portrait-of-happy-couple-sitting-on-sofa-at-home-and-using-a-digital-tablet-2New to online dating?  Get ready for a whole new world, filled with some great guys and even more strange guys.  But don’t worry.  With the right advice you could filter out these strange characters before it’s too late.  Follow these online dating tips and you’ll be on the way to avoiding the wrong kind of guy.

1.  He Doesn’t Have A Picture.

It’s pretty bad if he does not have a public picture, but even worse if he cannot send you one after you ask.  And if he sends you a picture of Brad Pitt, chances are he isn’t two-timing Angelina with you.

 2.  He Keeps Asking You For “Body-Shots.”

He has seen your face, your smile, and maybe some shoulder, but he insists on seeing more of your body.  He could be protecting himself from moving forward with someone he isn’t attracted to, or he could just be a pervert who wants to see some T & A.  Try sending him a conservative social picture and gauge his reaction.

3.  He Wants To Meet After One Message.

Any real prospect will want to get to know you at least a little before setting up a first date.  If he is messaging you at 2 AM asking to meet in the back of IHOP, best bet is to start looking elsewhere.

4.  He Won’t Tell You His Name.

If you can’t get a first name, chances are he’s hiding something.  If you can get a first name and not a last name, feel him out a bit more.  It may also help you from becoming Mrs. Pickleweiner.

5.  He Rarely Responds.

If he rarely responds to you, do not chase him.  If he is interested then he should make the time to engage in conversation with you.

6.  He Asks You Very Sexual Questions.

Are you in the Mile-High Club?  What’s your favorite position?  Do you own a whip?  These questions tell you what he has in mind.  Stay away.

7.  He Wants To Know Your Address.

There isn’t any reason to give someone your address unless you know them personally, or they’re delivering a huge over-sized Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes check to you.  Do not give out this level of personal information.

Your online dating experience should be limited to getting to know someone’s likes, dislikes, interests, goals, and relationship outlook.  Once you get through all of that you can make an informed decision on if you want to meet this person or not.  If your onoline dating relationship crosses over into the bizarre or extremely personal, it may be time to take a deep breath and go back to the search fields to look for other options.

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